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Genre : Office
Platform : Web
Developer : Bublup
Rating : 4.5
Positives : UI, graphics
Negatives :

When everybody needs to save ideas for their work and personal life, the cloud is a useful tool to store and organize your data. But it is often boring, limiting, and difficult to find things. Enter Bublup – a new Cloud storage system that is reimagining how you keep and organize all your information. When you need a way to manage all your files but want it to be easy, pretty, and fun, then Bublup is the app for you!

Bublup is the ‘cloud reimagined’. It is designed with the idea of storing, sharing, and organizing everything under one roof. It helps you store information just the way you would save it in your mind – by topic rather than by file type. This storage app, created by the team at Bublup, is safe and helps you to visually store your files by letting you place a picture, title, and description on every item. You can also create an unlimited number of personalized folders for every topic you need. And when you save everything visually, you can find everything easily at a glance.

Users can supercharge their productivity and creativity with this handy companion. You are able to make web pages known as the ‘Rolls’ from Bublup folders in one click. And, you can customize it easily into awesome stories, portfolios, or presentations using any content you have in your folders such as photos, videos, links, GIFs, notes, PDF, and more. Rolls help you share files with anyone through a weblink even if they don’t use Bublup.

Bublup comes with a user-friendly interface and has multiple options to help you easily save anything you need. On a desktop, you can easily drag and drop the files that you may need for your research at school, home, or work directly from websites or your harddrive. And on mobile, you can simply “share to” the app. It is already receiving amazing reviews from many users of all sorts such as small business owners, students, parents, teachers, and researchers. The utilities of the app prove that it is a must-have to all those who wish to have anything they need organized.

The Bublup team warmly welcomes suggestions and feedback from users through [email protected]. The app is available for mobiles phone in both iOS and Android versions. People can make use of Bublup for free until they hit 3GB of storage. And by choosing payable plans they can extend their storage. A free 1GB of extra space is offered by the company when you refer members through your group folders or personal referral link (up to 12 GB for free for life). And Bublup has 3 paid plans that come with different storage, feature upgrades, and upload limits at different prices.

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