Buddypass Chat App- Lets Meet New People

by Oct 7, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Buddypass inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, fun
Negatives : none

Ever thought of an app that brings together individuals from the surrounding through chatting? This sounds quite impressive! Actually, this is mainly because it will establish great communication links and help its users to share different ideas and opinions in one platform. Buddypass Chat app has come out as the ultimate solution when it comes to connecting new people who are in close proximity. Through chatting, its users can identify new people with whom they share interests and passions.

To make it much better, this app not only create an interactive platform but also facilitate physical meeting of people while attending events based on their interests. So far, it has received positive reviews with an overall rating of 4+ stars, a clear indication of its great functionality. Whether an individual is in Chicago, Hawaii, New York and any part of the world, it is time to interact and meet new people!

The Functionality

This app becomes active once it has been downloaded and installed. The user will be needed to edit the profile by providing necessary details on interests, hobbies preferred and passions in life. This is meant to ensure that one can easily track other individuals who have similar preferences thus making interaction much effective. After profile update, the next step may involve getting friends! This is pretty simple as one will just be required to send out friend request after clicking the “Add Friend” icon.

Once the request is approved, one can immediately get started with chatting. On the other hand, an individual can opt to create an event or a group and invite other people by sending them invitation request. With the integration of GPS locator, one can easily discover people located in close proximity and thus get a chance to even meet them.


Suitable Devices

When it comes to devices that are compatible with this app, it is important to note that quality performance is a matter of consideration. Thus, this app works efficiently on devices such as iPad , iPod Touch and iPhone. Additionally, iOS 7.0 or later will be required to enhance the performance of the app.


Here are some of the essential features that one will come across on Buddypass Chat app:

Quick notifications

Once an individual has installed this app, there are different notifications that one can promptly receive while using it. During different chats, one can be notified when a new message has been received. Besides, this app offers notification when an individual has made an invitation and got approved. Other notifications will be based on different friends nearby and different comments on emails.

Share Budypass and meet new friends

Apparently, this app comes with a “Share Budypass” option that allows one to send different invitations to friends and family. Some of the means that can be used include text messages, emails or via social media platform. Through getting lots of friends, it can become quite easy to organize events and meet for different fun-filled activities.


Highly secured platform

Buddypass Chat app has adopted an amazing interface that allows great connection with new people and friends in the surrounding areas. In order to enhance privacy, the user can activate “Who sees you” feature in order to effectively manage the number of friends and other new people. Besides, can activate “Notify others” option that will inform friends when the proximity is close.

Indicate the Favorites for easy interaction

Passionate about dating, studying or eating out? If yes, Buddypass Chat app is offering the user an incredible opportunity to browse across different categories to identify nearby people with shared passions and interests. Thus, one can easily chat with such individuals and even opt to organize get-together events to know each other much better. It is all about starting a conversation now to get started!

Get engaged in new hobbies

Actually, there are lots of hobbies that an individual can engage into. Interestingly, Buddypass Chat app doesn’t let the user to get all alone; it brings great company! Through continuous interaction with people with shared hobbies, one can get a chance to create a group or come up with an event that can bring such people together. It is time to try something new!

When it comes to Pros and Cons of this app, here are some of them:


· Quick and efficient notification

· Great experience chatting with new people

· Quite exciting when organizing events and making them real

· A new opportunity to discover new hobbies

· Great privacy and managing the app


· Slowdown in output due to connectivity

· Inconsistent due to bugs issue

Final Verdict

What a great app is Buddypass! Clearly, it can be simply defined as intuitive, user-friendly and high-performing app that connects new people. It goes ahead to ensure that individuals can meet in person while having some fun on different created events. This is truly a modern generation app that is committed in giving its users the best experience at their convenient location It is currently available at App Store for absolutely free. It is indeed worth downloading!

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