Bus Simulator 17 – REVIEW

by Jun 2, 20170 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Ovidiu Pop
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Graphic & Simulation
Negatives :

Driving on modern roads has become more complicated because of the sheer number of traffic rules that a driver has to internalize. Bus simulator 17 is here to solve that particular problem. It allows users to familiarize themselves with all the intricacies of driving a bus without the inherent danger involved in real world learning.

i. Concept

The Bus Simulator 17 android application recreates the exact environment a person driving a bus will find herself in. This environment includes the exact interior of a bus, ever changing weather conditions, differing traffic levels and various types of roads. The user will then be able to apply all the driving techniques and traffic rules learned in theory. This means that everything that entails bus driving will be learned and mistakes will be seen and corrected without the accidents and expenses that come with real world driving.


ii. User experience

The developers have gone the extra mile to make Bus Simulator 17 feel as realistic as possible. They have put themselves in the end users’ place and thus produced a highly intuitive application. A new user will therefore immediately start honing her bus driving skills without having to spend hours learning about the intricacies of the game. The tens of thousands of 5 star Google play reviews means that many current users agree that the user experience is world class.


iii. User interface

The use of graphics in Bus Simulator 17 is masterful. Users are transported into a very realistic virtual world every time they load application. This realism in not only in the design of the bus where you’ll be able to control doors, mirrors, the steering wheel, transmission and everything else you’d have access to in a real bus but also in the outside environment. Your mind will be in full learning mode as you weave through traffic, deal with ever changing weather conditions and adjust your driving style according to what segment of a road you are on; just like in real life.

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