Buster and the Crystal Bones- Reliving console games on your iOS device

by Nov 9, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Buster Studios LTD
Rating : 4
Positives : Excellent story and graphics
Negatives : more space

3D platformer console games were a huge hit back in the 90s. They really stole the show and everyone was playing them day in and day out. We have all spent hours on end with our Nintendo and PlayStation consoles in our living rooms. However, like all good things, it died out eventually with the birth of better games with better graphics. If you ever feel nostalgic about them, you must try out the iOS app Buster and the Crystal Bones. This game has been inspired by those but has been redesigned for your iOS device. Developed by the indie game studio Buster Studios, this app will definitely get you nostalgic, while you also enjoy the game.


This game has an extremely interesting storyline that has been narrated superbly. The main character, Buster, is away from his hometown and is journeying across numerous levels. His aim is to save his owner- Professor James Beagles. Professor has been studying the secrets of the Ancient Maya at the Dogstool Institute of Geology, Archealogy, History and Obscure Language Ethnography (DIGAHOLE), he has been captured by the arch villain Adelbert Adler. It is the responsibility of Buster to rescue his master before it is too late.


As Buster is on his way, he has to travel through different types of terrains and places. These are similar to the ones we used to enjoy on our gaming consoles a couple of years ago. Now, they have been reimagined so that we can play them wherever we like. These levels are lot of fun and are surprisingly very challenging too.


Buster and the Crystal Bones combines excellent storytelling with the legacy of platformer games to bring forth a superb game that can be enjoyed by just anyone at any time. Any leisure time can be put to good use with this game. You are sure to stay hooked to it for hours on end, owing to the entertainment and adventure value that the game provides. As you proceed through the game, the levels get tougher and more challenging. At the same time, they do not get so challenging that you give up.

The graphics, layout and design of the game are definitely worth a mention. The bright and colourful environments really bring your phone to life and get you excited about the game. It is interactive and has commendable graphics. The main character Buster is a cute and adorable character who just anyone will like almost instantly. The 3D universe this game immerses you into will sure make you forget the world around you. You can play it just anywhere as you do not require an internet connection to play it.

To play this game, you need an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad with iOS 7.0 or higher. It takes up 175 MB of memory space on your device, which is a lot for a simple game. It is available for download from the App Store for $2.99 throughout the world. The developers have indeed done a good job of redesigning old school console games to suit the modern generation of phones.

Good: Excellent story and graphics

Bad: Occupies a lot of memory space

Worth Having App – Download the App