Camera RX – For Selfie Lovers

by Apr 20, 20170 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : NUTRACTOR
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, advanced, clarity
Negatives : None

Camera RX is an application for apple devices and that is the iphone and an the ipad. Camera RX was released on April 11,2017 and it has only one version.It takes up 36.3 mb of your memory and is available in English and Japanese languages.Camera RX is available at the apple store on your ios device and it’s a must have application especially if you are a selfie lover.Camera RX is available at $2.99 .
Camera RX is a high performance manual camera that enables the user to tap any part of screen when taking a picture. Functions are concentrated at the bottom of the screen so making its easier to use in large devices like an ipad. The app doesn’t have a shutter button making it easier to hold your device when taking a picture and even prevents muscle cramps when taking a picture.

Camera RX takes silent pictures without the shutter sound hence enabling the user to take pictures at silent places and at social gathering without anyone knowing that they are taking a picture .Camera RX has amazing filter effects functionality using the Adobe Creative cloud enabling the user to add beautiful effects to their picture and also correcting lighting issues and background enhancement.

Camera RX has manually operating functions like focusing ,exposure an white balance making your photo more focused and beautiful.It has a ratio adjustment function that enables you to take videos at the frame of you choice and yes Camera RX also serves for videos. Camera RX also has the ability to look for a photo and videos from the library and has the ability to zoom clearly and saves the user time of going to the library to look for a photo or video one by one,hence saving on time.
Camera RX has an anti-shake correct function that helps the user take clear photos with ease even in a moving car,on a fun ride in the park or even at really crowded place with people shaking the user. Camera RX has grid display that helps the user to have a better balance in the composition of their photos allowing them tom align their pictures in an off center manner.

Camera RX has the the spirit level feature that is designed to indicate the surface is horizontal or vertical. Camera RX has the spirit feature working for both landscape and portrait pictures bringing out the beauty of the original site. Camera RX has a light adjustment function that brings more life to a picture especially if it was taken in a dark place.
Camera RX has the ability to display an image’s exif data(exchangeable Image file)this is storing information on image such as shutter speed,iso number,date and time it was taken,white balance etc. Camera also has the ability to add a location on to the EXIF data enabling the user to remember where the photo was taken. Camera RX also gives an option to the user of whether to save white balance settings as a present. Camera RX also has a telescopic effect that brings images closer, and also has a wide range shot and with dual lenses. Camera RX is a very amazing app i have tried it on my ipad and i love it.

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