Candid: Speak Out And Discuss Interesting Topics Anonymously With Friends

by Aug 18, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Candid Labs Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics
Negatives : none

Getting a platform that can help an individual discuss ideas on different topics in anonymity sounds great! This not only guarantees an individual a chance to speak out without fear but also makes conversation open and detailed. After all the identity is hidden and thus assuring an individual peace of mind when interacting with friends and even strangers. Interestingly, this exact experience has been brought to the users by the incredible Candid app.

Apparently, this amazing product that has been designed by Candid Labs, Inc and it brings unstoppable experience to users who may prefer to chat and interact with anonymous identity. With Candid app, it is about speaking freely and expressing thoughts in a unique way! So far this app has received a 4+ rating from honest reviewers, a clear indication of how efficient it is. It is absolutely worth it!


The Functionality of Candid app

The version 1.3.1 of this amazing app has been designed in a manner that the user will find absolutely simple to use. When it comes to using this app, it is all about being candid. Actually, the user is offered a chance to make new post using a pseudonym identity. This is meant to ensure that the identity of the user remains anonymous during the interactive session.

Meanwhile, an individual can be integrated in different groups containing group moderators who manage the entire discussion. This is meant to ensure that the conversation remains on topic. Besides, the users can post their comments, like or even share different posts that have been discussed in the group. Clearly, the entire experience with Candid app is fun-filled and exciting indeed!

Compatible devices for the Candid app

Having been designed in great manner, Candid app has integrated high quality features which make it to work effectively with compatible devices. The recommended devices for this app include iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. This is because such devices have displayed great capabilities to deliver the best performance. Additionally, the iOS 8.0 or any new version available is required.

What are some of the notable features that the user will come across on Candid app? They include the following:

New post comes with a pseudonym

When the user initiates a new post, the app is able to represent the user’s identity using a new pseudonym. Thus it becomes absolutely secure when individuals are posting since their identity cannot even be traced! Clearly, this absolutely facilitates expression of ideas on varied topics without fear of being known.

Discuss and view posts from anonymous friends

Actually, the Candid app has created an amazing platform where different favorite topics can be discussed by the users without identifying their friends’ identity. The user can even go ahead to like or add comments on different topics during the interactive session.


Check out previous posts from the history tab

Interestingly, this app has recently introduced the history tab where users can get a chance to check previous comments and likes. With such kind of information safely saved at the history tab, the users will always have a moment of reminiscence each time they check out such information.

Conversation made safe by group moderators

In most cases, when there is too much freedom, some individuals may end up posting offensive posts. In order to ensure that such acts are not tolerated in Candid app, there are group moderators who ensure that the conversation is well regulated and remains on the topic of discussion.

Speaking without fear

Apparently, the app has adopted high level of moderation which ensures that each individual freedom of expression is well catered. All sorts of bullying, offensive posting and slander are reported and well dealt with. This ensures that any user can freely interact with other individuals with much ease.

Here are the Pros and Cons that clearly come out on the Candid app:


· An opportunity to engage freely in discussing favorite topics

· Easy reference to previous comments and likes

· Making new posts made secure with pseudonyms!

· High moderation level prevents offensive posting

· Great and colorful themes make the app attractive


· Mild profanity might be encouraged

· Infrequent in output due to bug problems

Final Verdict

Clearly, it is time to get into fun-filled discussions and interactions without fear! This process has been well facilitated by the incredible Candid app. The users can now make post using anonymous identities and have a fantastic moment with friends. The positive review received from the users make this app exceptional and worth getting. Get it today on App Store for absolutely free and get started!

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