Caricature Me To Tickle The Fun Side Of Your Creativity

by Oct 8, 20120 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : STOIK
Rating : 4.2
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Pictures are always fun to experiment with. Making them a bit more funny with the use of available software can be an excellent time pass but you need the heavy software on you PC for editing. However, with the new android application CarricatureMe, you don’t need your PC anymore. You can give the photos your own touch of innovation even, on a move. Take pictures or download it, and change it the way you want. Send it to your friends or share through the social networking website to share a smile.

The art of caricature has been appreciated by millions from its inception. The art of distorting or enhancing certain features of human beings or animals is remarkable, and it gives a crazy, funny touch to the picture, all together. CaricatureME has brought the same magic of distorting pictures to your android device and the best part is that you can download it free! The application is easy to use on any picture as it detects face, and the possibilities to change it in a hilarious way. Take a picture of your friend and use the application to make it look like a caricature. Your friend will surely appreciate the funny change.


  • The application can be operated in two modes; manual and automatic. You can use the automatic mode to detect the face and change it, or can use the manual mode to modify the picture in the way you like.
  • The application comes with the instruction manual that makes it easier for the novice to learn it. The navigation part is easy with the application with facebook download and uploads option available.
  • There are 7 tools for deformation, and each is available in three sizes.
  • The application enables camera support and offers real time animation.
  • The multi touch support feature makes it possible for the user to modify anything, and everything without any limit.
  • You can save the deformed pictures in the animated GIF format and save it in some other name.
  • The animated picture can be sending through mail, MMS and can also be uploaded.
  • The pro version also allows full size picture rendering.
  • The 2.0.15 version takes only 1.4m space to store on your android device. It requires android 2.2 or UP for using the application.
  • The picture quality is good enough to print as a picture.
  • The new version has more stability in shooting that the earlier one.

Summary: CaricatureMe with the recent version 2.0. 15 is a new addition to your phone, and it has redefined photo editing in a funny way. The application being free can be acquired by all using an android phone.  The features, tools and keys are fascinating, and the automatic mode makes it possible to modify a picture within minutes.

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