Casino Security Changing With New Technology

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Using the CCTV systems could be ideal for homes, but it is way insufficient for casinos. As time goes by, most casino operatives have tried several possible means and finally discovered new surveillance technology that makes this possible. Aside from helping them detect fraudulent activities and keeping security tight, they also offer some uses that are outside their intended purpose.  Online Casinos find these technology devices also helpful when it comes to collecting data for analysis . Also, these devices come in handy for studying the behaviour of their employees and training new recruits.


Top surveillance technologies in casinos

We will take a look at some of the leading technology for casino surveillance:


  • Readers for license plate: This is one of the basic ones among the new technology systems for surveillance. It works in a simple way. A camera is located in a spot where it can capture the license plates of all the vehicles entering the casino. The letters and numbers on the plates get transferred into text with the help of some special software for optical character recognition. On doing this, they compare the car plates through a database to check if any of them matches with the ones blacklisted or flagged. The security immediately gets alerted if there is a match. However, cheaters that come with other vehicles or rent another car can bypass this.
  • Recognition of face: Kind of the same principle as above. There are surveillance cameras that take snapshots of people coming into the casino and run them through a database of undesired faces. If it matches anyone in the database, the security would be alerted immediately.
  • RFID technology: This one has to do with the coins used in casinos. The coins are technologically advanced such that they are RFID chips fixed into them. The chips all carry a unique serial identifier that can be read via radio frequencies. The reading apparatus reads only coins that have the RFID chips fitted in them, this way, a lot of fraud is being stopped in the casino.
  • Angel Eye Technology: For cases where recognition of face fails to hinder cheaters, the Angel Eye technology comes in. This is a technology used to take care of card switching problems. Each card has a bar code printed on it with invisible ink that can only be read using the Angel Eye technology. So, in cases when disputes occur, the cards are being tracked right from when the dealer dealt the cards till the moment when the request was made. This collects information about every movement of the cards on the table and sends to the computer connected. Once the dealer clicks on a button, this detail is revealed and it becomes clear, and the security gets invited to the table if the outcome of the computer doesn’t match what is on the table.

As casinos advance with their surveillance technologies so do the cheaters try to find a way to carry out their evil deeds without getting caught. That’s why there are so many more of these surveillance devices ranging from applications to wearable technology and mobile devices; we have just mentioned a few of them. While you ponder over the security technology changes, don’t miss the chance of an amazing experience with scatterslot which has the highest level of security.