Catch Your Rising Music Stars with Rouse!

by Jul 14, 20130 comments

Platform : iPhone
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Live updates and easy streaming of music
Negatives :

Today, it is almost impossible to stay without the social networking websites and if you are a person who loves activity and music, then there has to be something that combines your social and music world together. If you love some artists and want to stay updated, you require finding them on several social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and with the increasing number of such networks, that job has become quite difficult. Rouse by Sport Street Inc has made the job easy for the music lovers where they get the best of everything synchronized for them.

Rouse is the first of its kind in the iTunes app world and it compiles videos, tweet, pictures, music and more from the bands and the singer and these are all accessible from a single location. This is an app that should be downloaded by every music lover as it would keep you updated. The fans as well as the rising singers and bands can utilize it to the extreme and all these are available for free. Easy to use and easy to sort, this app is actually quite easy to operate. The amount of scope provided by the app is phenomenal and there are several features to check out in this.



  • Rouse combines your world of social network and music. You get everything on a single platform which is possible due to its extraction system that finds every details for the artists or band you are about to follow.
  • Pictures, video and tweets from the artist pages of different social media are pulled.
  • You can buy or stream music either by artist or by album.
  • As the app takes out all the relevant information about the artists, you can check news, biographies and recent updates from the artists.
  • The special fan chat will let you know what others feel about your favorite artists.
  • You can check the live events and concerts where the band or the artists are about to perform.
  • You can check the photos and videos uploaded by the fans and have the real thrill of the event.
  • All social updates at the real time will be visible to you.
  • Buying and streaming music becomes easy with the app being linked to Spotify and iTunes.
  • If you are an artist or have a band, you can upload you content and become famous.
  • The version 1.0.1 of the app takes around 6.3 Mb space on your device and you require internet connectivity to run it.
  • The app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it runs both on iPad and iPhone.

Summary: Rouse is an app of music and social networking where you can be informed about everything that happens around your favorite artist on a single platform. The free app is available on iTunes.

Good: The app not only provides you information but allows you to see the upload of the rouse users. You also get a chance to be popular if you use this platform as an artist or band.

Bad: There is too much provided in this app leaving no scope for complains.

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