Catchup Math iPhone App Review

by Dec 17, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Hotmath Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, simple, learning easy
Negatives : none

Doing Math has never been an easy task for everyone. There has always been challenging questions that requires cracking the brain hard enough to get the correct answer. Besides, Math has always required great practice in order to excel. Thus, it is crucial to understand the essential concepts, master them and apply them in personalized examples and situations given.

Now, a great relieve has been brought to Math lovers and those willing to recover from their struggles. This is after the introduction Catchup Math app. This is the eye-opener and a breakthrough to those who are ready to change their perception about Math. The app has adopted the technique of using short diagnostic quizzes and offering personalized lessons to its users. It also concentrates on the areas of focus (including Algebra and Geometry) to ensure that learners get a wide scope of what is entailed in Math. Whether one is a college student, high school student and an adult, this app is highly recommended so as to boost skills in Math. It is absolutely worth downloading!


Understanding Catchup Math app

This app is quite unique and designed to efficiently meet the needs and expectations of the user. It has integrated lots of personalized lessons containing diagnostic quizzes that the learner is required to tackle. Additionally, it is well-tailored to focus on the concepts that the user wants to learn. This implies that the app can be customized by the user to offer the level that one needs to explore. This is meant to ensure that the learning session is fun, challenging and fascinating. It comes along with written lessons, tutorial videos and practice problem meant to give the learner an amazing experience. The sessions and quizzes are lively and engaging thus making the learning process amazing. From the elementary arithmetic up to geometry and algebra, this implies that the user should be ready to learn a lot of concepts. It is time to get started!

Compatible Devices for Catchup Math app

The entire formation of this app clearly indicates that it has integrated quality features to boost its performance and quality. Thus, a high-performing device is indeed recommended to facilitate it operations in the best way possible. Currently, the user need to either have iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to use the app. Also, iOS 8.0 is recommended to boost its performance.

Here are the exceptional features that are evident in this innovative app:

Practice problems with explanations

In order to make the process of understanding math easier, Catchup Math app has adopted the approach of integrating practice problems. With the use of illustrated expressions of math, the learners can confidently read the problems, understand them and be in a position to answer them correctly. Besides, this app offers step-by-step explanations for the answers thus boosting easy understanding.


Instruction videos from professionals

In most cases, the verbal and vision communication in explanation is well understood compared to writing. Through the use of video tutorials, it becomes easy for the learners to grasp the content and remember what has been taught. This is especially where the images and illustrations are well-represented in the video. Besides, the app has integrated high quality videos to ensure that there is clear view for its users.

Short quick-solving quizzes

Sometimes, the best thing that one can start with while learning is attempting simple and short quizzes that are easy to tackle. This amazing app has incorporated numerous quizzes that the user will be required to tackle them. Such quizzes come with learning gaps that the user can fill them once the solution has been identified.

World class courses for learning

Apparently, this app has taken great consideration in relation to the quality of modules that its users can access. It actually offers world class courses that meet the required criteria and are acknowledged all over the world. There are six different courses that the learners can access while using this app. Interestingly, such courses are available in two languages; English and Spanish.

Use the quality in-app calculator

When it comes to performing math calculations, a calculator is an essential tool that highly contributes in providing the required solutions. It not only increases the speed but also improves the accuracy level that one is bound to achieve. The Catchup Math app has integrated a calculator that one can use to perform different calculations. This assures an individual of highly accurate answers.

An electronic scratchpad

Due to the nature of math problems, it is essential for one to possess a scratchpad where the questions can be worked out. With the presence of an electronic scratchpad, there is no need for the user to look for papers to write those calculations. Besides, this helps save on time and makes the entire process convenient anywhere, anytime.

Easy topic location

There are numerous topics that one will come across while using this app. These include algebraic, arithmetic, geometry, series and many others. With the presence of the search bar, the user can quickly type on the preferred topic for a quick search. Once the topic has been generated, the user can proceed to access it. This greatly save on the overall time spent searching for a particular topic.

Meanwhile, below are the Pros and Cons of Catchup Math app:


· Perfect learning tool for math

· Lots of quizzes to tackle

· Amazing video tutorials

· Answers for questions provided for understanding

· Amazing platform; great display and formation


· Mild bug problem experienced

· Some quizzes quite challenging to fully tackle

Final Verdict

Catchup Math app has totally brought a new perspective on how math can be uniquely tackled,. It has integrated fantastic short quizzes, practice problems and great modules that can be accessed and solved. Using personalized examples and answers has made understanding much easier thus boosting the overall math skills of the user. Truly, this is a must-have app if one is a math guru or ardent math lover ready to improve skills on math. Currently, it is available on the App Store for absolutely free. Get it now and get started!

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