CCO Companion : Satisfy Your Needs

by Mar 30, 20160 comments

Genre : Business
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : attractive tools, UI
Negatives : none

It is a subscription-oriented app offering subscription levels such as a twelve-month subscription for $498 and a six-month subscription for $299. It is found in the Apple App Store for people with iPhones. It was developed by Digital Compliance, a firm that was founded in 2009 by individuals who are perfectionists when it comes to design, code, content and workflow. Digital Compliance, LLC, announced the release of this mobile app on March 22, 2016. This app provides the investment advisers with all the resources and information that they need to satisfy their most challenging compliance requirements and challenging regulatory. It has combined dynamic compliance and critical compliance information tools to give the investment advisers the ability to stay rigid with their current compliance obligations and a much better way to manage them. It joins three components News and Alerts, customizable compliance tools and Reference Library, into one very powerful mobile compliance resource.


News and Alerts
They both keep you on toes via direct feeds from the Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA and other main regulatory authorities about the compliance information.

CCO Companion’s Compliance Tools
CCO Companion gives the user professional compliance tools such as compliance, checklists, monthly compliance training material, compliance testing templates, model documents and risk management. You can organize and import your advisory own firm’s compliance documents.


Reference Library
It is thoroughly analyzed by an experienced compliance professional to get the relevance of an individual subject.

Customization – CCO Companion gives you the opportunity to import and organize your compliance documents.
Utility – With the numerous lists of potential compliance risks, compliance training material and risk identification questions, CCO Companion will satisfy all your major compliance requirements.
Relevance – Every single document must be reviewed and assessed by a compliance professional for significance only if found relevant and is then added to the Reference Library for reference.
Examination Readiness – CCO Companion is equipped with SEC document request letters that covers all types of examinations (presence, sweep, general) which you can access to prepare for the SEC examination.
Comprehensiveness – This app revolves around fifteen most common compliance areas. CCO Companion also provides information from each relevant compliance source, such as No-Action Letters, Speeches, Enforcement Actions, Compliance Risk Alerts and SEC Releases.


Bias – Only the professional of conformity can undergo the assessment process hence if you, the user, has a different opinion you cannot put it on the table.
News and Alerts – They are only from major regulatory authorities, shadowing the little upcoming regulatory authorities.
Expensive – CCO Companion is not affordable to every person due to its high rated cost and short term subscription for the professional subscription.

Free Download
It assists you to access Advertising and Marketing Compliance Training Material and two Compliance Checklists. You will be able to bookmark your favourite news articles and documents.
Professional subscription
You will manage your Professional Subscription easily from your iPhone. Access to the Reference Library with new materials added gradually will be easy. Access to Disaster Recovery Plan Documents and Model Compliance Calender is also offered on your iPhone by CCO Companion.

CCO Companion is a very helpful app on my iPhone. It has equipped me with knowledge from the SEC and has made my exams easier due the vast information I retrieve from the Reference Library. This app should be subscribed by every iPhone user to satisfy their challenging compliance regulations.

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