Celeb Poker Free : Poker with Social Networking

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Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
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Celeb Poker free is the latest and the best poker app that will help you hone your skills at poker on your iPhone or iPad. You can master the game using this app, while leaving the money out of the equation completely. Since this app is all about practice, you need a good and workable interface. This app provides you exactly that with a pleasing, yet simple user interface. Also, there is an excellent network response that will live up to your hopes.

Celeb Poker accomplishes not one but two goals- playing poker and also socializing. It is the new in thing that has been connecting the lovers of poker all over the world. So, let the beast of poker within you take charge now. Just like all other poker games, this one also has avatars and customizable player profiles. But that is not all. There is a whole new array of delighting gifts, likes, friends and a lot more that will keep you glued to the app and that leaves other poker apps far behind in the league for the best.

You get all the benefits of social networking while playing poker using this app. The developer, Viaden, has successfully set up a whole new poker community by itself. You get all the facilities of sharing like social networks and every time you get a friend to join the app, you earn yourself a bonus as well.

Poker is not only about the money. There are numerous apps that deal with poker and money. But those are meant for the experts of the game. If you just want to play poker for fun, then what you need is Celeb Poker Free. Also, this app provides you with immense competition worldwide so that you make the most of the game, without gambling with precious money. When the game is about skill, one automatically begins to care about his hands at the game, unlike it being just about the money. This is what you will see with Celeb Poker. There are good players that serve as adequate competition for you.

The system of achievements is a little annoying at times as there are too many titles clumped on you every time. This just needs to be taken a little more smoothly. The model followed by the developers is the standard one without much of innovation. The gameplay is just superb. There are many pop-ups from time to time, which could be easily done away with by the developers. There is a huge variety of pop-ups, which is indeed surprising and irritating often. There could also be other options when it comes to earning free game chips for the game.

To sum the app up, Celeb Poker Free has a splendid interface with a well knit community and good network response. Also, the players are good at the game and will provide you all the competition you need. There are great bonuses and poker without money. This app easily is better than other poker apps and is worth a shot.

Good: Excellent interface, good players

Bad: Too many pop-ups

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