Roamer Cheap calls & roaming SIM app- Do away with exorbitant roaming charges

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Platform : Android
Rating : 5
Positives : No international roaming charges
Negatives : none

che1While traveling abroad is quite delightful and fun, the roaming charges that come along with it on phone calls is quite a pain. Roamer Labs, an Android app developer has come up with a permanent solution to this. You do not have to change your SIM card or buy a new number. You can use your own phone number across the world without any roaming charges. Make cheap international calls from anywhere to anywhere using this app.

The trick behind all this is quite simple and very intelligent indeed. When you ready to set out on travel, you tell the app your home phone number and local number. You then buy an international SIM card from the app users. Any calls that you receive on your home phone number are then forwarded to a local number of the country where you are traveling. When you answer them, it is just like you would from your home phone number, paying the mere local rates as compared to the high roaming rates.


As you have a local SIM in your phone, you can make calls over cellular networks or Wi-Fi. If you do not have a local SIM, you can make cheap calls over Wi-Fi only. In the event that you are not connected to a Wi-Fi, the app allows free voicemail and missed calls. Local SIM cards for over 40 different countries are available and can be ordered through this app right to your home address before you set out on travel.


With Roamer in your app collection, international calling no longer has to be expensive. The method used by the app developers is simply mind-blowing and very clever. With just a bit of hacking into telecom, they were able to come up with an extremely elegant and simple solution to an issue that gives a lot of travellers’ nightmares. It plays a very smart trick to convert your global calls to local ones, helping you save a few dollars each minute.

Once you sign up with the app for a local SIM card, you also have to get a prepaid data plan on it form the app. The costs of these vary from country to country. This is the main backbone of the app that fuels the entire process and helps you make cheap roaming calls. The data plans vary based on how much data you will be using during your trip and covers calling, text messages and mobile data.

When you have to make an outgoing call from your local SIM, this is done via a dialler integrated within the app. this routes the call in a manner similar to the routing while receiving calls. It is routed such that it becomes an incoming call, which is free for almost all countries across the world. The person you are calling will not know any difference between you calling from your home phone number and your local foreign number.

With such an elegant solution to international call roaming, Roamer is the best app you can find to deal with the issue. The process is quite transparent and works very well indeed. If you are planning to go abroad anytime soon, this app is surely worth a shot to keep in touch with your loved ones back home.

Good: No international roaming charges

Bad: None

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