ChessSetArt : A Sneak Peek into the Legacy of Chess

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Genre : Education
Platform : Android
Developer : Prairie Media Inc
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Chess is an evergreen game that has been famous since times immemorial. There have been people who have dedicated their entire lives to championing this game and its history is quite vivid and interesting. Like all games, chess too has a very rich heritage. It is one of those mind games that needs you to use all your skills, energy and tact.

Chess lovers are very passionate about this game indeed. In fact, some lovers have spent huge sums of money to purchase chess sets made decades ago, which boast of a noteworthy inheritance. Their creators were renowned artists of their times. The chess sets being spoken about here are too expensive for the common man to afford but it is still essential that he must have knowledge of them. ChessSetArt, an Android app developed by Prairie Media Inc., serves exactly this purpose.

ChessSetArt is a unique app comprising of the 25 best and most famous chess boards from across the globe during the last 60 years. These are treasured masterpieces in the history of the game of chess. With the help of excellently made videos, the history and art value of each of these boards has been discussed. The controls of videos on this app are quite easy to handle too.

This Android app costs Rs. 979.83, which might seem to be a little on the expensive side for most. However, once you have gone through all the videos, you will beg to differ. There are amazing videos and pictures of each of these boards to help you admire the craftsmanship and skill that has gone into making the soldiers, horse, elephants, king, queen, ministers and board of each. It is quite a treat for the eyes and proves to be an educating experience for chess lovers.

The ‘Fingers’ set, by Salvador Dali, is one of the most attractive ones on the list. It is said to have been carved in the workshop of Catherine the Great. The set created by the artisan Man Ray has been put along with the Meissen porcelain set, Murano glass set, 16th century set and a lot more. Sarah Coffins, Director of Detroit Institute of Arts and a curator in the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Musem, Susan Polgar, first female to bag the title of the grandmaster, discuss the value of each of these priceless chess sets today.

As far as the app is concerned, the controls are simple and it has fabulous video quality. Even those who are not very passionate about the game of chess are sure to enjoy the app. It is compatible with all Android devices having version 2.2 or later, occupying a mere 564m of space of your device.

ChessSetArt is an art based app that is sure to interest chess lovers and give them an insight into the history of the game of chess and its rich legacy. Many unknown secrets of this ancient game have been unearthed in this app. The collection of pictures is splendid and hard to take one’s eyes off.

Good: Breathtaking collection of pictures and videos of each chess board

Bad: The app is a little overpriced for most people.

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