Chomp’d – How long can you last? : Have Fun

by Apr 10, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Adan Ramirez
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, graphics
Negatives : none

Today a phone is much more than just a phone, it is a computer and computers are also used for gaming.

Today’s market is flooded with addictive games for all ages.


Chomp´d is a game that is highly addictive, it is really fun to use and not that difficult to find out, but like all other games it is hard at first.
The game is simple enough, it is merely a question of letting your finger move around the screen avoiding the fish that is coming towards you. A purple piranha will follow your finger and as long as you keep avoiding the other fish you will keep playing.

The game is in bright colors and is childlike in the design, but it is not something that will keep you from playing it.

As you progress in the game new species of fish will appear and try to keep you from moving forward.


As new fish arrive in the game it is because you got to the next level and you having 20 levels all together.

When you play the game you are able to get through the first levels fairly quickly, but as the score increases the levels get harder to get through and you end up spending a lot of time trying to pass through to the next level.

The music that follows many games is annoying to say the least, but the music that is in Chomp´d is not something you will turn off the second you hear it.

You have many games out there and the market is highly competitive, the graphic is getting increasingly better, it is not here Chomp´d is trying to compete, there are many games out there with a better graphic and with a cleaner interface, it is also what some of the reviews are saying, that they expected more of a game, that it looks like something made in kindergarten.


The reviews that are able to look through the childlike appearance and get playing is happy with it, they all agree that the game is fun, addictive and will give you many hours of fun.

You are able to customize your screen for the game, and add certain features like plants and you can change the color of the screen, fun little features, but not something that has a great influence on the game.
As you progress you can win 7 trophies, but you have to get good at the game in order to collect them.

The game is best played on a bigger screen like an ipad, but is can be played on your phone, we ust found it easier to play on a bigger screen.

All in all, we would recommend you try this game, it is fun, addictive and easy to use, you do not need to be a gaming specialist to get started, you just have to look through the design and you will have hours of fun for your rainy days, or when you are waiting for your train.

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