Cinderly App: Get A Selfie Expression Moment With New Personalized Styles

by Aug 3, 20160 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, colors, easy to use
Negatives : none

Getting a moment of selfie expression where an individual can be applauded depending on the outfit worn is absolutely amazing. This kind of spectacle can generate a smile and instill high confidence level to someone. Interestingly, this momentous experience has been made real by the incredible Cinderly app. It is time to get dressed in different unique styles available and receive great praise emanating from the “Wand of Awesomeness” team. Additionally, this amazing app gives the user an opportunity to become super famous after trying out different outfits that creates an amazing spectacle!


Understanding Cinderly app

This great app was recently updated on 26th July, 2016 where some amazing features were added. This includes improvement in ‘Fit For You’ dresses in order to give a perfect match. The entire app was also improved in relation to the overall performance. Besides, its current version 1.5 is available in English language which is widely spoken by many of its users. So far it has been rated highly (with a 5-star rating), a clear indication that it is a high-performing app that meets user’s expectations.

How the Cinderly app works

Once the user has installed this amazing app, one is introduced to a collection of different personalized styles of different dresses in the ‘closet’. The user can comfortably go through the collection and proceed to share the selected ones to the Cinderly community. If the outfit is gorgeous, the user gets acclamation from the “Wand of Awesomeness”. Apparently, one will discover that this app is troll-free thus the comments posted should not be abusive at all. Those who troll are completely banished from participating in the Kingdom of Cinderly. Meanwhile, the entire experience is quite fascinating and glamorous. It is worth trying out!

Here are the amazing features that one will discover from the Cinderly app:

Different gorgeous styles to try out

The user will note that there are quite a number of unique styles that are available to try out. For instance, they include Kawaii, Mermaid and Cosplay. To make it much better, one can get different emoji stickers (which are animated) from the in-app store or even get a chance to earn them as rewards.


Save favorite looks by swiping

There are some of the looks that will absolutely come out quite stunning. As a user, one may want to save them for future view. Cinderly app perfectly allows an individual to save such amazing looks by just performing a swipe on the right side. It is as simple as that! The looks can be saved on a wishlist.

Tap the want for awesomeness

Apparently, once the user has saved favorite looks, there is the feature that allows one to apply some awesomeness by tapping on the wand. This makes the entire appearance to come out great after the adoption of different styles. Different friends can then be allowed to superlike the style that has been applied. The more it appears, the more likes one gets.

Become super famous through selfie-expression

Cinderly app offers the user an opportunity to explore different styles and apply the outstanding ones to come out gorgeous. Through selfie-expression, the user gets to share the amazing looks and ultimately become super famous in the Kingdom of Cinderly. This is absolutely adorable!


Below are the Pros and Cons noted in the Cinderly app:


· Absolutely easy and simple to operate

· Different gorgeous styles worth trying

· Great chance to become super famous in an instant!

· Through swiping, favorite looks are quickly saved

· One can get a personalized tailored runway of different styles


· Infrequent in performance at times

· Mild profanity noted


Cinderly app has come out as an exceptional app that exhibit unique collections of different styles that are absolutely stunning. It goes ahead to give the user unstoppable experience of trying out those styles and showcasing them to get superlikes and become super famous. The amazing colorful designs make this app incomparable and thus worth downloading. Get it today at App Store and experience the new taste of selfie expression!

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