Claim it ! – Everybody’s Lucky Here !

by Apr 22, 20150 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Claim It Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : free gifts and prizes every week
Negatives : only available in U.S

If you haven’t heard of it till now, let me tell you that Claim it! is one of those apps which you should definitely have in your app drawer, at least if you live in New York. We’ll come to the location parameter later, but let me first make you familiar with what it’s all about.


Claim it! is like an e-store where you will find various products like tickets, gadgets, gift cards, designer handbags and lots of other stuff. But then there’s Amazon and e-Bay for all that, what’s new in this app? If you have this question popping in your mind, then I have a very simple and straightforward answer, “It’s all for free!” Now your head must have taken a 360degree flip and now you’d be reading under a microscope to find “terms and conditions”. But let me tell you that there’s none. It’s a genuine app and all offers are genuine. Now let’s find out how it all works.


Selling ads is not a new tradition to tell you about and the basic working of this app also follows the same tradition. Even while watching a 4-minute video on YouTube, you have to go through a 1-minute ad. What’s even worse is that sometimes the Ad comes out better than the actual video. So if you’re getting a “Beats” Headphone for the same, I don’t think it’s a bad deal at all! What’s more is that you can apply for any offer available in the app. To apply, you have to watch the Ad and it’s done. Then you have to wait for the week-end draws and hope to get your hands on the “biggest-bird-in-the-cage”.


The app also shows how many users have applied for a particular offer and calculates you the winning chances you have at the time of applying. But apart from these big ones, there are some sure-shot gifts that are just waiting for someone to take them home. So each weekend, you’re sure to have some party.

Now, let’s come back to the location. This app is currently available for U.S. citizens only and it further zeroes down to New York because to collect your prizes, you’ll have to come to New York and spot one of their Claim it! Trucks. These trucks carry all the gifts and prizes and keep ambling down the city all day. So if you’re from New York, all you have to do is just open your window, take out your hand and grab your goodies; it’s that simple. But even if you’re coming from a different state or a place far away, you’ll be greeted with free drinks and snacks when you reach the truck. So it’s a win-win every time.

So if you’re still “thinking” about getting the app from the App Store, just wash-off all the silly-thoughts and go for this one. You’d certainly appreciate my recommendation!

By the way, the app’s available for free in the App Store.

Pros: free gifts and prizes every week; watch ads and claim prizes; ensured gifts; free drinks and snacks near truck; free.

Cons: only available in U.S. and gifts can be redeemed in New York only.

Worth Having App – Download the App