Clashot : Adding Worth to Your Photos

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Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Depositphotos Inc
Rating : 4.5
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Are you among one of those who likes to make others see the world through the lens of your iPhone camera? If you like clicking unique shots and capturing rare moments and do not know what to do with them, then the iPhone app Clashot will be your savior. Have you ever imagined selling your photos to others? This is exactly what Clashot allows you to do.

The idea of clicking photos and selling them might sound too good to be true but Clashot does just that. All you have to do is snap photos, and pet them up on the app, which acts as a market for them. You can sell your photos using this app as a platform.

Working with this app is very simplified. You do not need to spend a lot of time clicking great photos but can do so for just any scene using your iPhone. If the publishers find your photos interesting and relevant, then they will pay you for the same. The photos can be of just anything happening around you including events, meetings, parties, rallies, plays or just anything.

The photos are uploaded on to a site just like Instagram. You can upload them if you think they mean something and could be worth a couple of dollars. You can upload your unique work, add titles and tags to it and then let the advertisers take over the rest and come after your work. Each photo you sell is licensed in your name, which means you get a fair share of the profits made from it. This profit money can be accessed right from your iPhone via services such as PayPal. However, unlike Instagram and many other similar services, you can edit your photos using a variety of available filters to enhance them.

Clashot brings to life a whole new concept of directly allowing iPhone users to sell their snaps. This concept has been in oblivion till date and this iPhone app brings it into the limelight. The editing controls and filters built in the app are quite good and serve the purpose well. The layout and design of the app has been kept simple and focused on the theme. Another edge that this app has over others is the management of your account using the app.

In case you are a professional photographer with an eye for detail, then this app allows you the option of uploading photos from other devices unto your smartphone library to add them on to Clashot. If your photos are good quality ones, there are also chances that they might be picked up by designers, media agencies, news networks, magazines and other big shots. All that matters is the right angle and the right timing. So, if you have a good combination of the two, then there’s no missing out on this app.

The concept of Clashot is quite a fascinating and interesting one indeed. If you have the talent, then you might be able to make some quick big bucks. With the splendid interface and platform provided by this app, the scope for your photos is immense.

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Good: There is a lot of scope for your photos with this platform

Bad: The filters and editor controls included in the app are not very good

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