ClonErase Camera : Easy Way to Clone Your Photos

by Nov 28, 20120 comments

Genre : Photography
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : ZEDOnet GmbH
Rating : 4
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Sometimes, you want to capture a special moment but the background is just not right. What if you can click pictures at any time, without having to worry about backgrounds and unwanted objects, knowing that you can erase them? Sounds too good to be true? With the ClonErase Camera app, you can now do exactly this.

You can clone your own self in a photo and even remove an unwanted item from a photo. Doing so is extremely easy with this app as it is very easy and simple to use. You just have to follow a few simple steps and you can manipulate pictures in any way you wish. Even after manipulating the photos, they look very real as the cloning is almost perfect. You can erase or add objects or people to a picture, making a clone of the actual picture.

This app allows you to click upto eight photos of a given scene with the people and objects moving all around. The app figures out all the changes in these pictures and can recognize the movement of an object outside or within the frame. You could add a maximum of eight clones of the same person to one photo, with each of the poses in the eight photos clicked.

To make this task easier, this app has a self timer so that taking photos of yourself is convenient and not troublesome anymore. There are many idea that you can pick up from this app and create great images that look surreal even despite the manipulation.

The ClonErase app is available at present for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch. You can add multiple shots of yourself in various poses on to the same photo or remove objects from the background to make your picture cooler. The tools have been developed in a very user friendly manner such that you can avail of the simplified step to step guide of how to go about making the necessary changes into your photo. You can decide whether you wish to erase objects or add or clone a given object. Cloning yourself is now extremely easy with the self timer feature.

The aim of this app was to make the process of editing photos fun and easy. And it can be definitely said that it has accomplished this task very well. It has made this once tedious and cumbersome process into an enjoyable and creative task now. Also, if you wish to share your photos with your family and friends, then you can directly do so using Instagram or Facebook, which have been integrated within the app to make your work easier. This makes not only editing but also sharing very simple.

With the excellent interface, editing your photos has never been this simple before. You shall be guided on how to do what you want in the least possible number of steps so as to get the best and quickest results with excellent surreal photos that you can proudly share with everyone.

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