CM Security Master Antivirus- Review

by May 27, 20170 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Developer : Cheetah Mobile
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Security has been a major concern these days, Well due to the recent Wanna cry Ransomware attacks it always feels scary to lose all the data or get attacked by a Virus or Ransomware. So, having an antivirus for protection is must have these days, but as there are a lot of antiviruses in the market it is very confusing to choose a particular antivirus for the best protection. Well, there are very few apps on Google Play store with the best ratings.


CM Security Master Antivirus is one the top antivirus application on the Google Play store, It has over 100 million downloads and a rating of 4.7 out of 5. All this shows the kind of trust that people have over this antivirus application. The application comes with a very small download size of around 16 MB while downloading and as soon as you open the application the first thing to see bonus bez depozytu is a circle with the percentage of memory available indicated inside it and a Boost button to boost the phone. Well, pressing the Boost button analyzes the applications that are taking space in the memory and kills them. Right after the boost, the phone feels a bit more smooth and fast when compared to a bit sluggish performance before the boost. But the home screen of the application has more features apart from the boost option, sliding from the bottom gives a bit more option to choose like scan system for virus, app lock, safe connect VPN, clean junk, notification cleaner, battery saver, CPU cooler and sliding from the right to left on home screen of the application gives more options to explore like Message security, Wi-Fi security, Caller ID blocking and Ad Block browser.


The Pros of using an Antivirus like this are a lot, Starting with the security it offers if just amazing, Well most of the other antivirus applications do offer protection but they make the phone sluggish and just impossible to use but when it comes to the CM Security Master Antivirus it offer protection to the phone without making it sluggish. As a Sluggish phone is very difficult to use the app offer junk cleaner which cleans all the junk cache and system junk files from the phone making it really fast and lag free. But the best features of this application are the Safe Connect VPN, Applock and battery safer. Were the Safe Connet VPN uses encryptions to save your data from others so even after someone hacks into your phone they won’t be able to access the data. The Applock is always a great feature to have which basically locks your application with a password, Generally most antivirus in the market does not come with an app lock and downloading an Applock application is almost equal in size to the CM Security Master Antivirus.

So you are getting more features than other applications in a tiny package which is just awesome to have and Finally the battery saver which comes with the application is also a great feature with this application as it uses Hibernation to save battery or increase the battery life rather than killing background apps which most of the other applications do. Moving towards the cons with the Application are the battery saver and Ad Block browser. Well, the battery saver is a great feature with the application as it uses hibernation to save battery but it can only hibernate some application in the phone. If the battery saver could hibernate most of the applications on the phone it would increase the battery life a lot more than usual. Also, the Ad Block browser is very light and fast, But it has some scaling issues with some websites and often feels a disappointment to have but if Cheetah Mobile fixes these problems it would become the perfect all around security application. So the final thoughts are very simple which is although there are many antivirus applications on Google Play store, having so many features in such a tiny package is just amazing. The best feature of this application that separates this application from other apps is the Safe Connect VPN definitely not a feature that comes with other Antivirus applications.

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