CogniFit MoodCraft – Let Your Emoticons Say it All

by Dec 22, 20120 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : CogniFit
Rating : 4
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Have you felt while chatting that words and smileys weren’t enough to portray your mood adequately? Now you need not worry about that. A new iOS app, CogniFit MoodCraft, allows you to design your very own smileys so that you can get your feelings and emotions along better to everyone else online. This app is an emoticon designer whish allows you to design your own mood smileys so as to bring out how you feel. And once you are done, the app allows you to share your mood smileys with your friends too.

All you have to do to use the app is to sign up for it with your Facebook id or your email address. Signing up is a simple and easy process, which requires straightforward details such as name, nationality, etc. It’s quite similar to the sign up for a social networking site. This makes it very basic to begin with.

Once you have signed up, you are all set to begin creating your own emoticons. You first have to start with the smiley face at the bottom of its interface. Tap on this and you can get started. This will lead you to the creator tool that comes with a default template for emoticons. You even have the option of changing the color to one that suits your mood from the color picker. To move on, you can select icons to add features to your smiley so as to customize it to your personal mood at that point of time. His will give you a customized look unique to your smiley alone.

The icons have a lot of accessories to offer. Some include hairpieces, glasses, jewelry, moustaches, eyes, and many more. The icons are mostly available for free but a few of them need you to pay if you wish to use them. To make your emoticon look perfect, you even have the option of adjusting every layer to your perfect size, move it around or even rotate it as you like. To sum it up, you have a handful of amazing icons that you can do almost anything and everything with. And there are more available for you to grab.

Once you have put in all that hard work, you wouldn’t want to let it go. So, this app allows you to  name it and add a brief description of your mood that befits it. You can also tag users on the app, friends on your email contact list and your Facebook friends as well. They can then view your emoticons and feel your mood.

The app is quite simple and easy to use. The customization options offered by it are of a wide range and variety to suit to one’s many emotions. All kinds of emotions have been covered adequately. The sharing options are really great too. It would be splendid if these emoticons could be exported and used in chats, texts and for other applications too.  If you wish to communicate beyond words, then this app is great for you.

Good: Wide range of customization options

Bad: No facility to export your personalized emoticons

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