Colapic 2 – Perfect Photo Enhancement Mac App

by Apr 10, 20130 comments

Genre : Photography
Platform : Mac
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


Everyone is familiar about the Apple advantage.  The photography section on the Mac App Store is the most popular among other categories. This is the place where you will find abundant one trick pony photo enhancement applications with a dozen of collage creation apps.  Most of them are free while others cost a few dollars. All of them feature one thing in common – easy creation that can be customized in minutes and shared.

There are times where we wait, struggle and get exhausted to upload multiple photos at the same time, but not anymore with Colapic 2 app. A very strong functional app can able to set a maximum of about 10 photos at the same time. The application combines multiple photos into eye catching frames.

Photo Stitching made easy

The way Colapic 2 stitches multiple photos together look like a panorama creation apps but when tried on iPhone 5, the app isn’t just about stitching but even more like a collage. The Colapic 2 app couldn’t be much easier than this; the user can select from over 227 collage template layouts and simply select to drop the photo. The layouts let users to rotate and scale each photos. Or, add more effects in border, change ratio, background pattern of each picture individually.

Colapic 2 app also features basic options like resizing capability, border options, layouts and so many other things in common. The completed collages can be saved as an image file, printed and shared directly via Twitter and Facebook.

Listed here are some of the most interesting features of the app,

  • Clear and neat interface.
  • 227 adjustable layouts.
  • Hold up to 10 photos.
  • Pictures can be set in various predefined ratios (1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, and 3:4) or could be customized by users themselves.
  • Resolution support up to 9000×9000, the highest among other apps.
  • The selected photos can be dragged and dropped directly into frames.
  •  Adjustable border and photo size.
  • The inner frame size can be modified.
  • Changeable colour for background and borders.
  • Background picture could be chosen from own file or selected from texture picture to add more effect.
  • Frame width and height can be controlled with the convenient adjustable button option.
  • Share picture easily on social networks.


Colapic 2, a photo-stitching tool permits users to choose several photos, a distinct layout, color style and appropriate text for retaining memories of lifetime. The world of photos is becoming more wonderful and interesting with the Colapic 2 photo frame. The easy to use app lets user ask for no help from anyone anymore.

Good: Simple and strong functionality, saves time, free to download from the Mac App store.

Bad: Though the Colapic 2 app is free, it comes with very few built in layouts.

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