Colony FM : Just Relax and Listen !

by Apr 6, 20160 comments

Genre : News
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Stealthie Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : sound, UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

The Colony FM is a great app which is perfectly designed to provide its users different news via narration. This superb version 1.2.2 app which was developed by Stealthie, Inc was updated last on March 13 in 2016 and it included additional incredible upgrades. It is definitely an efficient app and depicts great performance.



This awesome application has interesting features which meet the users’ demands. The features include:

  1. Great content converter

Colony FM is able to change a given content into a narrative which is able to be read out aloud. This great feature saves on time and also makes the news easier to understand.

  1. Consistent play

The app provides high quality and great content which make its performance amazing. There are no shielding issues at all as the user listens to the content. The seamless integration makes the app excellent and of great use for any listener or reader. When the content is selected, all that remains is listening.


  1. Amazing themes

Colony FM includes high quality as well as suggestive themes which are appealing to users. In fact, the graphic effects of the app and incredible design appear attractive.

  1. Efficient Curated playlists

It is a platform which has been created within the app. It has different playlists and also a list of topics which an individual may always seek reference to. Moreover, with the available written sources, a user is always able to have the option of reading along during the presentation of the content by the voice actors.

The new Version of the app that was recently updated has some new features which include:

  • The improvement in the power efficiency of the app.
  • The initial Bugs issue is resolved in the new version.
  • It features an upgraded new surface.
  • The performance has also been boosted
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  • Languages: Since Colony FM is designed for large user base, It is available in a number of various languages that include; Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Greek, Catalan, Japanese, English, Norwegian, French, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Danish, Traditional Chinese, Catalan, Malay, Bokmal, Dutch, Korean, Czech, Vietnamese, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Thai, Indonesian, Slovenian, Finnish as well as Russian.
  • Compatibility: The app works faultlessly well on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices. In relation to the operating system, the application is compatible with iOS 8.0 or newer versions of the same operating system. In addition, the app comes together with the Apple Watch app which operates effectively on the iPhone devices.
  • Customizable: Allows a user to send content which is to be read out aloud by the voice actors
  • It has High quality and suggestive themes which give it an amazing appearance
  • The new version has great upgraded performance
  • It has a large collection of playlist for choosing from which makes it interesting


  • The app may be inconsistent in performance after a given time
  • It might be subjected to the mild profanity


Colony FM, also known as Voice Actor, is downloaded for free on iTunes.


In general, the app is easy to use, enjoyable, interesting and also the navigation is simple. The app can also be enjoyable to a good number of users due to the many different settings. Individuals who discover Colony FM will certainly be ready to always tap back into those options that they need to listen to. The efficiency and great features make the app worth downloading and trying.

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