Colorcube : Way to Pass your Time, PUZZLES !

by Jul 26, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Next Apps BVBA
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, colors
Negatives : none

If you are very fond of puzzle games and really bored of so-called puzzle apps on your iPhone/iPad, then simply go to iOS App Store and download Colorcube app by Next Apps. This highly trending puzzle app imbues a profoundly relaxing mood and also allows each player to escape the monotony and stress of everyday life with its vibrant colors and shapes. This addictive puzzle app keeps its users entertained and occupied for hours with its unique gameplay and ambient backdrop music. Colorcube possesses over 200 challenging and handcrafted puzzles to make it sure that the users can have plenty of opportunities to face the challenges. With as many as 5 aesthetic levels of pleasing strategic puzzle, Colorcube captivates its users as well as fulfills all their needs to play the puzzle. Though Colorcube is a paid app in the iOS App Store, it is a perfect entertaining material for the gaming fanatics.

As far as features are concerned, Colorcube is basically created with puzzle devotees in mind. Generally, most of the apps in recent time provides Point system. But by using absolutely no scoring system, this game conjures a mesmerizing and peaceful atmosphere in comparison to other fast paced overwhelming and flashy action-based games. With numerous puzzles to be completed, ColorCube makes its users desperate to wait eagerly for the next time when they can play. This app is at its best to provide the consumers with a number of gaming levels having increasing difficulty. As a result, the more one will play, the proficient he/she will be to advance further. What is truly making this app stand out is that it allows the users to overlap the colors.


At the initial glance, Colorcube looks quite simple but this game is all about perception. At the top of your iPhone/iPad screen, you will have options available to build up a shape according to your need to match the given picture and colors. You can easily drag a certain shape of a particular color over another one by blending those colors automatically. You can turn the selected pieces in any direction and blend the colors in this visually stunning puzzler. This feature adds a challenging essence to the game simply by testing the user’s comprehension to blend colors. Each layer builds up the necessary colours so you’ve got to think things through.Overall, not only is the game highly provocative, it is also provided with a beautifully designed user interface.


In an ambitious attempt to entertain to all the people around the world, Colorcube is also available in 33 different internationalized languages. This game also provides various color schemes for the gamers who are suffering from color blindness. Truly no other app is providing such high-quality features on the market.

All in all, this puzzle app strives successfully to provide its gamers an unparalleled experience through their careful analysis, implementation, and design. All the gamers will be extremely accomplished with the exciting recent development of Colorcube. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you can start blending the matching colors with simple gesture recognizer touches on your touch screen. Hence, no more boredom in leisure time. Highly recommended iOS app for puzzle lovers and gaming devotees.

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