Colorfly-Unleash The Inner Artistic Coloring Skills

by Nov 2, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android | iPad | iPhone
Developer : ElitesCastle Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, colors, fun
Negatives : none

It all starts with practice; which later transforms to perfection. This same principle also applies in coloring. Ready to become a great artist in painting? Getting the best platform can highly boost great performance and achievement in painting and coloring. Colorfly app has been designed to make such a dream come true. This great product from JoyCastle focuses on giving a unique chance to individual passionate about coloring. It comes along with beautiful pages, personalized color palettes, and a great relaxing platform. This is to ensure that painting not only uplifts one’s spirit but also brings great satisfaction that makes the experience worth sharing. This top-notch app is currently being used by over 4 million people worldwide thus proving how efficient and reliable it is when it comes to coloring. It is indeed highly recommended!


The Functionality of the Colorfly app

Nothing has proven so simple and efficient in coloring than the Colorfly app. The ultimate painting experience is phenomenal and satisfying. The user is introduced to a wide range of color palettes and gorgeous pages to use in coloring. The platform is relaxing and well-designed to ensure that one can have a great time while creating a beautiful piece of art. The user can apply the tapping and picking technique when getting different personalized color palettes. Additionally, the presence of the “zoom in/out” option ensures that each detail on the surface is fully captured. All that one need is to take some time, apply imaginative skills and come up with a gorgeous piece of fine art.

What are the outstanding features that are displayed in this app? Check them below:

Wide range of coloring

Apparently, coloring has been known to reduce great level of stress due to the relaxing nature it offers. Colorfly app has been designed to integrate lots of coloring features and illustrations. The user can apply different coloring to animals, patterns, famous paintings, mandalas, cats, florals and much more. Such wide range of choice will always ensure that the painting experience is lively and fun!

Easy control features

This one of the first consideration that an individual checks when it comes to the functionality and operation of the app. Colorfly app has adopted user-friendly controls in a great platform to ensure that the entire painting experience is efficient and satisfying. With regard to that, the user can simply tap and pick in order to paint different illustrations. Also, the zoom in and zoom out feature requires a slight pinch for one to get a great view on the coloring page.

Beautiful color palettes worth experimenting

Colorfly app offers the user an incredible chance to create different combination of colors in this unique coloring game. This is aided by the numerous color palettes that can be highly personalized. The user can also apply different effects and filters to ensure that the overall work displays a unique presentation. One will also be amazed that the quality of the colors are exceptionally high compared to the normal markers; this is an assurance that the quality of the painting created will be great indeed.


New weekly images

How about getting inspired with outstanding pictures and images created on the entire week? This can be a great source of motivation towards achieving great performance in painting. Colorfly app has created a platform where one can get inspired by different images and coloring made by individuals from all over the world. These images can be accessed through the news feed and on different social platforms, for instance, #Colorfly on Instagram.

Post accomplished piece of art on social platform

An individual can proceed to share different coloring and images created on different social platforms. These may include Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. After posting, one is bound to get likes and comments with regard to the creativity and how phenomenal that work is. Besides, the user of Colorfly app can create collages that resemble real painting and share the happiness with friends and family. It is truly a great chance to show the world how artistic one can become!

Suitable Devices

Currently, this incredible app works well with iPad, iPod and iPhone due to their ability to support its functionality efficiently. Meanwhile, users can also adopt iOS 6.0 or later which is well-compatible with the app.

Check below for the Pros and Cons identified in the app:


  • Great color palettes to apply
  • Absolutely simple to use
  • Relaxing and convenient; works offline
  • Nice selection of gorgeous pages
  • Easy to customize to meet intended needs


  • Sometimes hard to find the right color
  • Recent colors not automatically saved


Colorfly app has been designed to bring great painting experience to all ages. It has applied a unique combination of essential features to ensure that the entire experience is incredible. This has made it easy to use, relaxing, fun and absolutely convenient anytime, anywhere. With over 4 million people currently using it, this 4+ star app remains to be the best ever coloring app thus worth downloading. It can be obtained for free on the App Store. Get it now and unleash the inner artistic skills!

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