Commander One- The best FTP client and multipurpose utility for your Mac

by Dec 13, 20150 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Mac
Developer : Eltima
Rating : 4
Positives : Easy to use FTP client
Negatives : none

Irrespective of the advancements in technology, there is certain software on your computer that you will always depend on. One of these being the built in file manager. While it is a basic app, it does what it promises without any extensions. This might suffice for some but it is always good to try out something that is claimed to be better and judge for yourself right?


The file manager that comes built in with the Mac is very basic and has pretty much no extensions. If you wish to try out something that is new and useful, you must try out Commander One. This is a dual pane file manager that also doubles up as a FTP client for you. Developed by Eltima, this app will show you what you can actually do with a simple FTP client and file manager. Once you try it, you will like it so much that there’s no going back.


Commander One brings you the best of functionality from a variety of areas. You no longer have to look for individual apps for simple and small operations. One of the major and most useful functions of this app is the FTP client it offers. Working with most of the current FTP clients can be quite painful and annoying. This is merely due to lack of a god user interface. This app fills in for that with its intuitive and simple interface. You can connect to a server and download as well as upload files from anywhere you like at any time you like. All this can be done locally with ease using the FTP client this app provides to you. It also integrates with your Dropbox account so that you can easily access your files right from within this app.

This app makes for an excellent FTP client owing to its compatibility with all types of files. It is also capable of compressing and expanding archives in ZIP, RAR, TBZ, TGZ and &z formats. You can run terminal commands from right within the app, queue operations to run and let them execute in order and much more.


Commander One has been developed from scratch to give you the best of functionality. It has been developed for Mac systems and makes use of the Swift programing language. It brings together a couple of the specific utilities offered by the OS X and adds a layer of comfort on top of these for you. It has been designed keeping the user in mind and to serve his needs alone.

This utility comes with its own search tool that can look into subfolders and also allows you the choice of the text encoding. It also has Spotlight search so that you do not miss out on anything. The best part is that the app has host as many tabs as you want- there is virtually no limit. This makes switching between windows faster and easier. All said and done, if you think the utilities in the OS X are good, we can’t wait till you try out Commander One.

Good: Easy to use FTP client

Bad: None

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