Connect – Social Map and Address Book : Stay With Friends!

by Jan 17, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : social media, easy navigation
Negatives : none

Connect – Social Map and Address Book is a new iphone app developed by connect software corp. Its really an amazing application that everyone should have. With connect you easily map daily activities of your friends without even opening other social media platforms such as google, linkedin, facebook instagram and so forth. yes! its true. Ideally, connect acts like all in one shopping mall- all under one roof. One does not to jump from one social network to another to read your friend’s update. Find them all in connect! You’ll b e able to locate each of your friends and also view what they have posted in different social media platform.

Besides being a friend finding app, connect expands your existing relationships. its provides an imaginable capability to monitor what other people are doing. Here getting hangout is the easiest thing thing you can ever think of. connect interface is as interesting as having an activity tab that shows what your friends were doing or are up to when they checked in their location. The trouble with many social network is having a lot of unnecessary contents with may turn to annoy. This new app is quite different in this case. There are no links to the irrelevant contents that you were not interested in. This included the videos you don wish to watch and links to adverts. Here is purely hangouts

Interestingly, you can also communicate freely to your friends on other social network platform without switching between the apps. Its possible to send message across media channels; to someone of facebook,twitter, linkedin etc. also within the same app you can call and text and email.
Apart from the above features, connect has the following additional features. It synchronizes and updates contacts within the available social networks in your i phone. This may be facebook linkedin twitter etc. connect is designed to provide an easy search with the social network based on different criteria for example, company they work for, school one attends,interest and more. In its interface you are able to view friend profile showing full data from other social network profiles they might be registered in. Every event shown in this app is in real time.Therefore, there is constant news feeds that reveals where your friends on your social networks have checked in.these feature is what makes the app live.

Location is what is significantly emphasized apart from the time factor. hence, you should be able to get notification when your friends residing far from your location visits your area.Its gives an opportunity to met and spend time then if possible. Also, this app notify you when friend post near you.Now, how will one know for long will your friends near you will stay? Perhaps you are willing and able to join the hangout but they have been there for long and they are yet to leave in a short while. No worry. Check in notify you when a friend checked in a place, restaurant joint and what time they will leave the place. One clearly knows whether he/she be able to make it to the place within that particular time frame. All these easy with the help of this fancy app.
Connect is much concerned with helping user keep close relationship.They understand that by people getting close they are exposed to more opportunities and assisting them to develop.Thus, It has been made available on the internet for download.

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