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Genre : Business
Platform : Android
Rating : 4.5
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I am a handymen contractor and I run a firm with 200 employees, we serve household works for more than 20 categories and I know that managing different kinds of projects simultaneously is a dizzy work and need more attention. If a single mistake occurs while estimating , it will produce a huge loss of money and time. To avoid these troubles Justin Smith and his team designed Contractor+, an app that helps contractors to increase their productivity.

The contractor plays different roles in every phase of the projects, so they need to design estimations, generate invoices, handling, and scheduling tasks for workers, and also maintaining accounts. Famous suppliers like Home Depot, Menard’s Hardware, Ace, and Sherwin-Williams are partners of Contractor+ which helps you to estimate and invoice with online pricing. Clients can pay directly from their wallet or app allows paying through PayPal, Your Pay, Stripe, and also Bitcoin. These invoices and other accounts are maintained under Quick books with proper date and time under name of the project, this helps you to keep track of your works if you are working with different projects at a time.

Contractor+ allows you to place the projects you designed so far in your profile to attract more clients. Not only for estimation and invoicing, but also it can do a lot of other works for you for example clients, shopkeepers and contractors can communicate with each other also workers can share their completed tasks with photos for review. This novel option is not available in any other apps, and it is specially designed to create a bond between members who involved in the project.

Contractor+ also helps to find contractors for more than 50 categories in the search box, Even you can bid your projects for handymen and contractors online through this app. For remodeling projects, real estate property managers can avail themselves of financial help from Lightstream by SunTrust bank. As a contractor, I can assure you that you can’t find these kinds of options from any other apps and I found this app much helpful after using other apps for estimation.

You can add your team members to the group and follow their completed tasks with photos. Workers can upload the photos with timing and they have to manage the tool library, and they can track the toolboxes with the help of inexpensive Bluetooth tags and helps to keep them in safe hands. By this contractors can manage the productivity and credibility of workers.

On the other hand accounts and reports were synced properly which helps to inspect on a daily or weekly basis and generate a report for the client’s review. Also, these options help you to predict how much time is needed to complete the project.

Contractors+ present under the business category in the Store for both iOS and Android users. You can read the cheerful reviews of other users and ratings, which shows this is one of the best app suits for contractors. Your doubts and queries will be clarified through Use this app to grow your business in a shorter period by impressing more clients.

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