Cosmo Battles Free : Battles in Space with Superb 3D

by Jun 2, 20130 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Load me
Rating : 4
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If I had to sum up the Cosmo Battles game in a single line, it would be this: ‘Fighting battles valiantly in the never-ending expanse of space in the midst of the most fabulous 3D graphics known till date’. The android app Cosmo Battles Free is a turn-based strategy game in which you are given the onerous responsibility of a mission to outer space.

Fight till your last breath to protect and defend this universe as the commander of the landing party. You have to be constantly active and full of zeal to be able to handle this engaging and challenging mission. To help you with this, you have a variety of startling combat mechanisms in your backpack. These tear through space and travel across some of the loveliest space locations.

This app from Load Me falls along the lines of classics such as Military Madness. As you are the captain of space marines, the reins are in your hands solely. You have to save the universe by liberating occupied planets. However, this game is very unique due to its mindboggling gameplay, unique twists and superb graphics. Attention has been paid to every little detail to make the game as close to perfection as possible.

While attacking, it is not easy to select a target as there are numerous governing parameters. Besides the obvious ones like the weakness of the enemy and the distance, there are others too. You have to take tech tree enhancements, hidden traps for your account and terrain modifiers. Also, there are environmental factors that have the power to turn the tables upside down completely. These are very random and need you to rethink your battle plan and strategy often.

All in all, there are 20 enjoyable missions set out for you, ranging from easy difficulty levels to hard ones. A lot of work and thought have gone into this app in the creation of a Unit Upgrade System, 3 kinds of locations and 6 kinds of unique combat units. There are a lot of random events and tactical terrain tricks to keep you engaged.

The system of rewards and achievements is mighty appealing. The bonuses and coins can be readily made  use of in the battles. The key to this game is to have a strong and foolproof strategy, Make sure that it is a killer so that your opponents don’t even want to confront you. Build some fear among your opponents and let nothing but respect and fear for you remain in their eyes.

The Cosmo Battles Free app is available in 6 languages namely English, Russian, Spanish, Portugal and Chinese. It offers excellent graphics and challenging, exciting gameplay for free. The app is very affordable and is worth giving a shot. Anybody and everybody who likes strategy games are sure to get addicted to this one in no time, thanks to the adventurous gameplay, easy controls and gorgeous graphics. All you need is Android version 2.1 or higher on your mobile device and some free time to spare.

Good: Excellent 3D graphics wrapped in an exciting gameplay

Bad: None

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