Create Speech-Special Educator : Assist You in Best Way

by Dec 26, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Antonella Petti
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, concept
Negatives : none

Create speech is an exceptional iOS app that is specially designed by qualified speech pathologists, general and special educators to aid in planning and monitoring clients and students affairs. There are many applications that have been developed to assist users in executing their daily tasks but none of them has covered the scope that Create-speech has made. This is a must-have app for every special pathologist and Educators who have a zeal of helping students to achieve their academic dreams.


The app is designed with a user friendly interface giving users clear instructions on how to set long term goals. After setting these goals the app is uniquely designed to give users detailed information about the progress of their clients as they go on with the training period. You can create a user profile and save the data through a more simplified process than any other application in the market. Security and data privacy is highly considered since you have to set a password of your own. The integrity of your student’s or client’s information is therefore maintained at all times. The application then analyses the saved data to aid you in tracking your client’s progress.


This app will help your students and other clients in reaching and attaining their goals in less time than anticipated. By using the create-speech app, professional will have the ability to funnel the deeper areas of speech therapy to get focusable, achievable results. Therefore, they will be able to know the skills that their students have not yet achieved so as to direct more efforts in those areas.

With create-speech you will be able to create individual student maps to help your students in attaining success within the shortest time possible. Any information you enter can be edited at any time to achieve an accurate and precise record. With this app, you have the freedom to analyze your student progress at the comfort of your home and rate them according to their performances. If you need to get various ideas you can scroll through the goals and objectives, without creating any student files, to come up with a conclusive decision.

The details of a particular client or student can be printed through the incorporated printing functionality in the app. The saved files will be send to your email where you can print them at a later date. This app also gives you the privilege of creating your own speech language categories and section objectives.


The application is already in app store from apple and is available for only $3. It is designed with the finest graphics and clarity to offer excellent performance in your device. Also, it has a simple installation process that doesn’t need any extra training.


Easy to download and install

Gives a convenient way to monitor your client’s goals

Comes with a clear guide


The application is charged.

Final verdict.

If you need to improve and monitor the progress of your clients or students, it is crucial to have Create-Speech application in your device. I’m strongly convinced that once you download and install create-Speech you will stand to acknowledge its effectiveness.

Worth Having App – Download the App