Cross One :Number Stack Puzzle

by Apr 2, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : paprika3
Rating : 4
Positives : Game Logic & Puzzle
Negatives :

Playing games, online or even on smartphones, has become the new man’s best friend. Everyone deserves to play any game on the device in order to pass some time or in order to make your day enjoyable. What do people really get just by playing games? “A person who is playing too many games will make itself intelligent” Psychology said. There are games that make a person boost up his intelligence and skills and these games are puzzle games. The first impression of gamers on the statement “puzzle games” is somehow considered as “not enjoyable”. It is not true, because the Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle is here to prove to everyone that puzzle games are both enjoyable and challenging at the same time.



Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle is a collection of logic puzzles that has over 540 levels in the game. The game puzzle looks like a crossword dashboard that contains 25 tiles that a player can tap on, in each tap, there will be added the number 1 to what number is in the tile either in left or right, below or above. The game will give the user a series of stars when the level is successfully finished. But it is a very challenging game because when the player commits one mistake in tapping the wrong tile, the level must be restarted in order to complete it.

User Experience

There are difficulty levels in every puzzle level in the game, the difficulty starts from Rookie and it can reach to the God difficulty. The levels are challenging though, it can give you many solutions, but if you have less movement in solving it, there is a greater chance of possibility in getting 3 stars after finishing that level. There is an undo option in this game where you can undo your movement if you think that is a wrong move, although this undo option has its own limits. Throughout the game, you will see hints that will tell you which tile to tap next.

User Interface

The game’s design is very colorful and simple it can really attract many players- making them to solve the challenges in every level in the game. There is a dashboard in the game where you can choose which color in the color palette of that dashboard you want to have as a theme of the game level. Take note that the color theme changes every time when you advance to the next level.


Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle has changed the first impression of game players when it comes in hearing the statement “puzzle games”. With its unique game play and its user interface, it makes the players soothe themselves as they are finishing the tough levels in this puzzle game. This game proves that you can combine difficulty and happiness at the same time!

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