Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved; Another Gimmick with A Limited Time Span

by Jan 17, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : short msg, fun
Negatives : not a new concept

DARTBOARD, LLC is the latest mobile application developer to hop on the social networking bandwagon. Its inaugural application, Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved was launched in mid-January and it has virtually gone under the radar since.

The Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved mobile app is essentially another voice messaging alternative. It allows you to exchange voice messages with your family members, friends, colleagues or yourself, in the form reminders. The quirky twist to this mobile app is the option for you to transform your voice notes, or Dart, through different voice filters. The following options are available:

  • · Hulk
  • · Borg
  • · Invader
  • · Helium


More creative voice filter options are slated to be released in due course. Other than this gimmick, the Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved mobile app does possess several positive attributes:

  • – Quick Interaction

More often than not, text messages are not able to fully convey our meanings and emotions. Even with the wide usage of emoticons, it is easy for text messages to be misinterpreted or misunderstood. This risk is eliminated by Darting. You can accurately convey your message through this mobile app with the fear of misunderstanding.


  • – Fun-filled conversations

With its quirky and fun voice filters, you will naturally feel the urge to goof around with your friends. Send weird voice messages and sound effects to test out the different voice filters. Engaging in this form of enjoyment easily kills time and helps to build positive relationships.


  • – Time saving

Other than accurately conveying messages, Darting is time saving as well. Rather than typing out long and winding messages, it only takes a few seconds to record and send out a Dart.

  • – Reminder function

If you constantly need reminders, Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved can serve as a voice reminder app. You can record a voice message for yourself and review it later. With this service, you will never forget another task again.


Although the app does bring along some advantages, similar functions are already available on the market. The Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved app would have to incorporate several updates and modifications before it can expect to gain loyal followers.

In a market dominated by a few messaging mobile apps with huge followings, Dartboard’s delayed introduction does not help its cause. The odds are heavily stacked against it in terms of long term success. This is mainly due to the disadvantages that stand in its way:

  • – Existing Applications

As mentioned earlier, the current market is already dominated by a few messaging apps. Although these apps mainly focus on instant text messaging, voice messaging is also a viable option for users. As a new startup, DARTBOARD, LLC is at a huge disadvantage and is in no position to compete with them.

  • – Voice Only

Currently, the Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved app only supports voice messaging with the option of filter. Text messaging is not an option and you might have to switch between different apps if you wish to utilize both forms of communication. Nonetheless, it is more probable that you will rely on apps that support both platforms just for convenience sake.

  • – Inadequate Support

A quick browse through its website indicates that DARTBOARD, LLC planned to launch the Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved mobile app on both Apple iTunes and the Google play store. However, the website hasn’t been updated to reflect the app’s launch in Apple iTunes and does not link its visitors to install the app. The app hasn’t been launched in Google play store and the website does not indicate when it will happen.

Additionally, their website offers inadequate support for its users. The only options available are to sign up for their free newsletter or to send them an email to highlight the issues or to pose questions to them. If you require technical support, it is unlikely to be forthcoming. A quicker solution would be to uninstall the app to ease your troubles.

In conclusion, the Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved app can be applauded for focusing on the fun aspect of social communication. By incorporating voice filters into conversations, it adds another dimension to mundane personal interactions. However, this idea is not the first of its kind and many other apps have tried and failed in this area. With its current capabilities, Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved is in no condition to command a substantial following and might fade into oblivion as another failed gimmick.

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