DetecThink App: A Fun-filled Chance For Kids

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Genre : Education
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, fun
Negatives : none


Children have been known to grasp different content easily when the best platform is provided for them. In most cases, they tend to prefer an engaging and fun platform that makes the entire experience worth undertaking. This is especially when it comes to learning different concepts that are educational in nature. Interestingly, a great experience is awaiting the kids with the new release of the DetecThink app from the Intellipath Games. What’s unique in the game? Actually, it applies the detective mystery approach where children are expected to solve different math puzzles while getting a fantastic and intuitive experience.

Besides, this incredible app game operates under a story line where the character Prince Colin requires great assistance to locate the missing 500-year old royal crown and his sister Princess Althea. Actually, the entire formation and design of this education app is superb and unique thus making it an amazing app for young children. It is absolutely worth recommending!


How The DetecThink app operates

The entire setup of this fascinating educational game is meant to achieve the needs of its target audience (kids aged between 6-8 years). Thus, it has created an engaging platform that makes it easy for kids to entirely enjoy each moment of learning. The user will discover that there are different sorts of mysteries that need to be resolved; this includes solving puzzle to drive the bus, open a briefcase and even for opening the locked door where the princes has been trapped.

Interestingly, the puzzles are easy to solve and highly customized in order to ensure that the difficulty level matches the capability and skills of the kid. Here is the clue; the child needs to apply addition and subtraction components which can be decoded to acquire the passcode! Once a child has finished successfully a challenge, another higher one will be in-waiting! Clearly, this is a simple and fascinating game worth trying!

Suitable Devices For the DetecThink app

With such a great capability exhibited by this app, it is clear that a strong device can work best for it. Hence, the devices that have shown consistency in bringing out the best performance for this app include iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Meanwhile, iOS 8.0 or any latest operating system can work well with the app.

Some of the distinct features that have come out from this fantastic app include:

Creation of multiple accounts 

If a parent has more than one kid, this incredible app comes with a great experience to ensure that the learning of each child is well monitored. Thus, it offers the option of creating multiple accounts where each child can play and solve different puzzle on a personalized account. With such kind of a young detective account, each child will always be yearning to make an improvement each day!

Perfect customization of difficult levels

Actually, each child will tend to portray unique capabilities and skills when it comes to getting involved in the story offered by DetecThink app. The app has into account that factor through creating a customized option where parents can adopt a certain category of level that matches their child’s skills. Some of the levels available for children include those with numbers up to 999, 500, 99, 50 and lastly up to 10. As the performance of the child improves, there will always be the next level to tackle!


Fascinating graphics and design

According to studies, the kids have had amazing experience with DetecThink app as well as with other pure games. The fantastic graphic effects and animations (especially the funny and clumsy characters) included make the game to be intuitive and engaging for the kids. Besides, the integration of high quality sound effects that are in line with the theme of the game makes the entire process of solving the puzzles quite amazing.

Eight challenges with numerous math problems to tackle

The challenges presented to the user are a mixture of unexpected twist and turns. It is up for the player to apply great cognitive and imaginative skills in order to correctly solve them. Solving the mystery in a detective manner allows one to get into action for the next awaiting challenge. The entire experience is presented in a fun-filled manner that makes the user to solve the puzzle and be ready for the next move. A hint? It is all about finding the clue and getting started!

Math puzzle topics for learning

Considering the age of kids in which the DetecThink app is designed for, the major available topics are mostly based on subtraction, place values and addition factors. The math puzzles also involves expressed simple statements that the kids can read out loud before making the informed choice of the correct answer. The interesting thing is that the quizzes are well-tailored to meet facilitate proper understanding of such a group of kids.

There are Pros and Cons that have been identified in this DetecThink app. Here are some of them:


· Perfect for easy solving of math problems

· Absolutely user-friendly and intuitive

· Amazing graphics with colorful design

· Well customized to boost child’s understanding

· Fun-filled and entertaining especially the animations


· Slowdown in performance due to bugs

· Chances of crashing are high due to space occupied

Final Verdict

An amazing learning and fun-filled opportunity is awaiting kids who are ready to try out this great app. Designed with incredible features that meets the educational needs of the kids, DetecThink app has taken a unique approach to ensure that kids can boost their learning through solving math puzzles. With the adoption of customization feature, use of multiple accounts and creation of personalized progress reports, this is a must-recommend app for kids. Get it today for absolutely free at App Store!

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