Dinner Dash – Brand Your Restaurant Dreams

by Apr 23, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPhone
Developer : PlayFirst
Rating : 5
Positives :
Negatives :

Diner Dash is the most simple and enjoyable simulator game developed by PlayFirst Inc. This game is distributed in four different languages English, Chinese, Japanese & Korean. The game is more challenging and it simulates a theme of building & managing a restaurant. The game has a story behind its theme, where Flo is a small cute little girl who wishes to be a successful entrepreneur starts a small restaurant and we need to make her restaurant grow to five-star level by satisfying each customer in time. Timing is the most key factor in this game, as you need to act very fast in assigning proper tables to the guests, cleaning the tables in time, taking orders in time, serving the orders properly.

Each and every delighted customer will give you tip money which are considered to be your achievements. This game looks very simple by you need to do lot of multi-tasking to become more successful. You need to be quick, active and need to make proper decisions. You need to manage different type of people like business people, youngsters, oldies, etc. Some customers will leave early and give you big tip money if they are satisfied with your restaurant and some customers will stay long time.

You need to manage all these customers and make them happy when they leave your restaurant. The heart indicates how happy your customers are. If they are un-happy you can give them bonus like coffee to make them happy when they leave. More the happy customers will increase your restaurant rating and more the frustrated customers will reduce the rating so you need to be more careful and manage the restaurant.

This game is compatible with all IOS devices which has IOS 3.1 or above. This simulation game is free to try and if you are really satisfied with the game experience you can buy the full version of the game which will give you more and more competitive levels with more colorful themed restaurants. You have options to share your scores to your friends through game center. If you really like to play simulator games then you must try this award winning game.