Divers Diary – Must Have Sports App on Mac

by May 28, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Mac
Developer : frobese GmbH
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


Divers Diary is an application that stores the diver’s trips and helps them plan for their dives. The application allows the user to add the diving trips and locations into the application for record taking purposes. You can add or delete the dives if you wish to.  For each diving trip, you can add the GPS co-ordinates and the picture of the location with your own ratings. This allows the owner of the application to review the history of his diving trips and see whether there is a need to go back to the previous locations.

The application also allows the adding of diving buddy and the diving equipment inventory. Adding notes of the diving equipment allows the diver to think whether they left out certain useful equipment that is needed for their diving trips. One disadvantage of this application is that when I click on the “divers diary help” menu, it tells me that the help is not available. New users have to do trial and error in order to learn how to use the software. Luckily, the application looks easy to use.  The application provides synchronization options for users of iPhone. You can purchase iDiversDiary at $9.99 and synchronize the diving trips’ data you store on your Macintosh computer. The application does not allow you to print your data out. So if you have mobile access to your diving trips’ data, you need to own the mobile application.

This suite of applications usually works best if you own the mobile and the Mac application. If you own only the Mac application, you can just use it as reference if you don’t need access to your own data on the move. Storing the diving trips on the Mac also has one advantage. Your family or friends can know where is your diving spot and contact you if there are any sea state changes. I am no diving expert but I can see that the developer has developed this application with great details. Storing of the diving equipment is a great feature so that divers can see what they left out in the trips. Get this free Mac application if you love diving.

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