Doc Vault- A vault for all your private documents

by Jul 27, 20130 comments

Platform : iPhone
Developer : Power App GmbH
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Sends a snapshot and GPs location on a failed attempt to unlock your data
Negatives : The app is priced at $1.99, which is a little overpriced.

While it is convenient to store data on your iPhone, there are always security and privacy issues that come into the picture. Sensitive personal or professional data must not be visible to everyone who has access to your phone. Privacy is a greater concern on smart-phones than on PCS. This is so because of their mobility and because of cases of your phone being stolen, lost, misplaced or the like.

To help solve this issue, a number of apps are providing privacy for your documents. Doc Vault, as the name suggests, acts as a vault for all your documents. This iPhone app gives you all the privacy you need for your documents. It can act as a vault for documents of all kinds- music, pictures, documents, movies and basically all data you put on your phone, also protecting them when your mobile device is unlocked.

The functioning of Doc Vault is not dependent on the Passcode of iPod or iPhones. This implies that you can continue to use your device normally after unlocking it, while also being rest assured that your data is protected. Thus, it is a powerful tool to prevent encroachment of your privacy.


The unlocking mechanism in this iOS app is quite secure. There is a graphical lock and numeric lock- you can choose between the two as per your convenience. Thus, the number of combinations possible is much greater. Every failed attempt to unlock your protected data is reported to you. This is done by taking a picture and sending it along with the GPS coordinates to a preset email address entered by you. Thus, you are well informed about all invalid attempts.

Besides just hiding your files, Doc Vault also has an integrated browser to hide your browsing history and a unique tool for the creation and saving of PDFs. With these additional features, this app is a great choice if you are concerned about discretion and privacy.

If you have important files that you must keep safe, then this app is wonderful. Personal data such as credit card numbers and account numbers can be kept hidden and safe, while also having ready access to them. You can store information on your mobile device and forget all your worries. Unlike many other iOS apps, this app lives up to what it promises, functioning almost perfectly.

In case your phone is stolen or lost, then this app can come to the rescue as it emails you the GPS coordinates and a snapshot of the face of whoever tries to unlock your phone. This feature sets it apart from most other privacy apps presently available. You can continue to use your phone regularly after unlocking it, without providing access to protected data. This is helpful if a friend happens to browse through your phone and you have some data that you would like to keep hidden from them too.

Security and data safety are guaranteed with Doc Vault. If that is what you need, then this app, priced at $1.99, is just ideal for you.

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