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by Jun 20, 20160 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : PIN Genie Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, secured, screens
Negatives : none

PIN Genie Locker is a new device app that was developed by PIN Genie Inc. It is a mobile app that is normally supported by many devices that have an Android operating system. PIN Genie Locker is an app that is very useful in our daily lives. It is regarded as the best phone locker application in the market. It has been developed with a lot of dexterity making it best for locking your phone conveniently. Therefore, if you are always worried on how to lock your phone this is the best app that will satisfy all your requirements. Lets look at some of its unique features that make it the best in the Googleplay stores.


PIN Genie Locker features 

1. PIN Genie Locker has a very unique way of protecting your phone. It uses a patented pin that is made of four numbers. This is a very easy way of keeping your device free from stalkers.

2. PIN Genie Locker is also an app that features a unique way of notifying you incase of any intruders. PIN Genie Locker is able to auto snap the intruder and the photos are sent to your e-mail instantly. This snap is taken immediately by your phones front camera. This is just cool.

3. PIN Genie Locker also entails a unique setting that allows you to decide whether to switch off your phone after three failed pin entries.


4. The app also features the use traditional lock patterns and numbers. You can always choose what you is most convenient for you.

5. PIN Genie Locker also allows an easy pathway for calls, messaging and other app notifications.

6. This app is also free from people who are fond peeping. This app is just the best for your android phone. Choose it today and you will have the best experiences with your phone. Nobody will intrude or stalkers. Nobody will also be able to access your applications, messages, contacts and media files without your consent.

7. This app also entails very cute graphics and themes that are just eye watering.


PIN Genie Locker new version

There is a new version of PIN Genie Locker that was released on 16th June 2016. It features a new pin design that is very unique. This design is more tough for the peepers to steal your pin. This new version also features a better notifications bar that gives you an easy access to your messages, calls and app notifications.


1. PIN Genie Locker is a very easy to download and easy to use mobile app

2.PIN Genie Locker is also an app that doesn’t slow down the operations of your device. 3. Its an app that keeps your phone safe from intruders and stalkers.

4. It is an app that does not use a large memory space in your phone.

5. PIN Genie Locker is also an app that is supported by phones that have an iOS operating system.

6. PIN Genie Locker doesn’t feature any adds. This is very cool.

There is nothing bad about this app. It is just cool PIN Genie Locker is a must have privacy app. You can always download it from Googleplay store today. It is free to download and free to use. You can also share your experiences with your friends, family and workmates.

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