Dragon Kingdom – The Best Strategy Development Game

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Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : X6 Game
Rating : 5
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Strategy development games have gained much popularity and reputation among the serious gamers. Dragon Kingdom is one such real time strategy development game which has been developed and launched by the famous mobile game developer, the X6 Game Company based in China. This game is available for the Android users in the Android market for free of cost. This game has been developed in the most perfect way which gives the players a real war experience. Dragon Kingdom is a fantasy game which involves the usage of very intricate strategies; this game is interesting and at the same time innovative.

Features and Benefits

Dragon Kingdom Game can be played under various genres such as the party city builder, involves some RPG elements, and it is also partly an MMO. The game is set up in a world where the dragons crave for flesh, ghost ship will be ready to invade your seas in search of treasure, and the tricky pirates will pose a threat for your freedom and will be waiting to grab it from you. It is essential that you build up a strong kingdom to fight against all these threats. The game is set up in a rural European backdrop where you can find lush grasses, white gulls, deep blue seas, castle and yellow land.

The users have to download the game from the Android Market and sign up using their Facebook account or set up a new account. You can get your basics from the tutorial of the game but this game is mostly intuitive. Then the players need to build up their own kingdom which usually starts with farming, gathering supplies, building up castles and growing powerful soldiers which help in strengthening your kingdom. There are also some kinds of quests that have to be completed in most strategy oriented games and this game is no different. If you need to build a stronger kingdom the players will have to move up in the levels and gather experience by getting involved in various things. The players can also strengthen their kingdoms by getting involved in various quests. There are many different facets of the game which can be explored by players such as how to build up your armies, completing missions, collecting money, healing the wounded soldiers and so on.

The game also gives you information what has to be done next and hence it is very prescriptive. Some of the players may even think that there is a lack of individuality due to these kinds of prompts. Dragon Kingdom is also a multi – player game where other players will be playing in the same time. The Dragon Kingdom is a fun filled game with lots of exciting and engaging pursuits.  The players can also buy in game credits and boost up the features in their games.


Dragon Kingdom is an enticing strategy game where the players could be lost in the game for hours. The players can create their kingdoms and adopt tactics to make them the most powerful in the small island.

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