Draw Something – Give Life to the Words by Drawing

by May 4, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : OMGPOP
Rating : 4.5
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Draw something is basically a word game where you have to express your partner a particular word by using your drawing skills. This is an online game where you need a user name to start playing around. You have an option to create a fresh user account or you can better integrate your Facebook account with this game. I would say integrating Facebook account is one of the best things so that you can invite your friends to play as your partner.

The theme of this game is so simple, as everybody would have played this game during their schooling days. All you need to do is either draw a picture which the game suggests and make your partner guess it or vice versa. The game gives you three options to make your drawing a simple/easy word, a moderate word and a hard word. If you select a simple word, your reward also will be of lower value. If the word is guessed correctly you will get one gold coin for guessing an easy words correctly, two gold coins for a moderate word and three for a hard word.  You have various options to make your drawing more clear and perfect. You can select the type of brush you would like to use for drawing or you can make the drawing more perfect by using appropriate colors to express the word more appropriately. Even you can use the gold coins you are earning to do some in-app purchase by buying some colors, brushes, Bombs and gradients.

Guessing the word is also not so difficult, as you will have to choose only from a set of letters listed. So all you need to do is use the proper letters in proper place which is highly related to the picture your partner draws. You can play this game either with your friends or with any random people who is already waiting for a random partner online. Ideally this game is very simple to play if you know to draw upto an extent and if you have a little vocabulary to guess the words. The only disadvantage is you need to be online always to play the game. This game is free to download and it also has a paid version which has more words to draw and it gives more rewards.

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