Drive.Net – A social media website for Cars

by Jul 1, 20140 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : DRIVE.NET Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : Unique concept
Negatives : UI need little improvement

Have you ever thought about a separate social media website to discuss about cars? You could find many forums but forums won’t satisfy all your needs. is created especially for people who are crazy about cars. It’s a perfect social media website to discuss about the cars. Most of the forums just gives you something to discuss about a topic but is not just like a forum, it’s a platform to know about every car model available around the world and interact with the owners directly. It gives you accurate information about the cars right from the vintage models to the latest models. With over a million users started using you will never get bored of following their articles about various cars.


Drive.Net has developed a special app especially for apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you have iOS 7.0 or later then, You can download this app for free of cost in your apple devices. This app is designed well to replicate the usage of the website. Also this app is well optimized for iPhone 5. Currently this app is available in two different languages, English and Russian. With this app handy in your apple devices you could easily follow the blogs of your favorite persons, write comments about their blog posts right from your apple devices.This app has a unique user interface with the iOS 7 theme is more attractive than the actual website.

You get an option to enable notifications for the blogs and feeds of your favorite bloggers. You could create your own blog and post your stories and experience about various cars. If you really know much about cars then you will easily gain popularity in this social network. They really respect people who makes valuable posts about the cars. Even I have noticed some posts about rare vintage cars. You get option to save those rare photos of cars and create a separate album of your own. Some of the articles are very interesting they even post about the cars they have encountered during their tourist visits. Some of the articles are about the vital parts of some vintage cars.


When everything you need about cars can be available in one place then you will never get bored of scanning through this social network. With this iPhone app you could easily maintain a profile, manage your followers, keep track of the people whom you follow and find the users who follows your blog posts. Don’t keep your blog post empty, Post about your day to experience about cars which will make everyone interesting. If you really love cars you would find many people of same interest in this network and you can easily gelled among them. With this iPhone app you have an option to message the people you follow and have a wonderful conversation about cars. You have a section to keep track of your comments and posts. Also the feed section gives you latest feeds of blog posts from the people whom you follow.

Pros: A separate social media network for cars is a new thing for car lovers to join hands and interact directly..

Cons: The user interface could have been well matched with the actual website. I’m sure this app will be improved with more features to match up the usability of the actual website.

Worth Having Application –  Download for IOS   Download for Android