Dynamite – Nurtures all your story-telling Interests

by Sep 25, 20150 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Dynamite Labs Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, screen, interesting
Negatives : None

Dynamite, the brand new iPhone app is gathering a lot of buzz all over due its easy story sharing features nad personalized touch, that exudes a peppy mood and comes across as a refreshing relief from rather high-brow complicated apps dominating the generation. Based on the premise of disguised storytelling, it allows you to record videos over a dizzying selection of topics and that too incognito! With the Dynamite app, you can adorn a delusion face mask and share your stories to the outer world sans fear. The new improved Dynamite, i.e the 1.0.7 version comes equipped with bug fixes for an enhanced user experience.



  • Video recording: Dynamite sells on its feature of disguised storytelling. With audio filters and interesting motion-adaptive face masks to veil you in videos, it allows sharing of funny anecdotes, jaw-dropping truths and day-to-day encounters with your friends and followers, free of apprehension.
  • Ease of interfacing: The new version of Dynamite, 1.0.7 entails a fuss-free operation even for the novice , that is based on principles akin to other social networking apps.
  • Adequate user control: This app allows controlled video sharing to ensure your privacy is maintained under all conditions. You can either create videos for your community of followers, share them with everyone or with exclusive friends only. You can also choose to hide them whenever needed.
  • Ease of networking: Dynamite, the app that is all about storytelling, sharing and communication lives up to its objective pretty well. You can respond to your followers’ comments or rate and comment others’ videos with either text or a GIF styled animation.


  • Improved bug fixes: The new version 1.0.7 comes with improved bug fixes that enable easy sync of your videos apart from removing black frames from videos created on iPhone 5. In this new version, you can also take a look at nearby posts and check who has followed your posts.
  • Compatibility: Dynamite is compatible with iPhone 8 and higher versions. It works well on an iPad or iPod touch too.


  • The Dynamite app hosts a user-friendly platform for sharing personal videos in anonymous mode. You can share stories on any topic under the sun.
  • It gives you umpteen options of privacy, right from functional face masks or audio filters to cover your identity in videos, to determining the audience of your recorded videos.
  • With this app, you can have an enjoyable experience by sharing the story of your choice to your target audience and sparking up a conversation that may even go on to bring about a revolutionary change.


  • You can invite your friends to join your community on Dynamite, share exclusive videos with them and even get time-to-time updates on all the awesome videos being updated by people surrounding you.
  • The new version, 1.0.7 promises fully synced videos along with options to know the identity of your followers.


  • Dynamite does tend to hang up at times, but the new version, 1.0.7 is expected to be free of such bugs.
  • It is not compatible with lower versions of iPhone.

Final Verdict

With such a host of interesting and novel features to boast, Dynamite sure has carved a niche for itself and is an innovation of sorts. Its usage is kept basic and does not require mastering of complex technical details. All you need to do is download this app (provided you have an iPone 8/ iPad/iPod touch) and join the community. Freedom of expression best fits Dynamite’s tagline as it indeed enables you to share all kinds of controversial and taboo stories to the society.

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