DZ Puzzle – Thrilling Exciting Game

by Feb 1, 20160 comments

Genre : puzzles
Platform : Android
Developer : Divisão Zero
Rating : 4
Positives : fun levels, easy to play, UI
Negatives : None

DZ Puzzle is a thrilling exciting game that each passionate game player should not actually miss the experience. It is an absolute game worth trying out to sharpen one’s skills in unraveling different challenging puzzles. The app was last updated on 17th November, 2015 and great additional features incorporated within. Designed and created by Divisão Zero, apparently DZ Puzzle app is compatible in Android 2.3 or any latest version. From the latest review, this app has received a positive feedback that is highly attributed to its efficiency, great sound effect, high quality formation and great performance. DZ Puzzle has applied three main languages that its users can actually apply; these include Portuguese, Japanese and English.


As a novice player, the game requires only simple technical skills to get going. All that one requires to do is to create an interconnection between the starting piece together with the finish piece that completes the puzzle. Other pieces in between the board need to be reorganized in a way that there will be an entire meaningful connection from the. While playing, one will be required to either rotate or drag such pieces in order to create a wonderful reasonable pattern. This implies that this game requires the application of logical skills besides using the fingers in rotating and adjusting pieces.


The game has been designed in a way that it has different levels the player is exposed to. There are actually about 120 levels. Once the player has finished a particular level, he or she advances to the next level which is displayed with a totally different color. Each graduation is accompanied by a challenging task that requires the player to actually improve the reasoning skills in order to unravel the puzzle. Apparently, on the advanced levels, there are many obstacles, numerous start-finish pieces, distracting insects and even blocked pieces. Interestingly, a player can unlock different bonuses which will highly assist in ascending different levels.

In addition, DZ Puzzle enables the player to compete effectively with other players get rated against other players. This is highly facilitated by the navigation menu feature that provides current status of the player on the game. Furthermore, the presence of the level maps can boost the player in identifying where the insects are located and apply the best tactics to tackle them.


In relation to this version 1.0, it does not contain any purchases of other different programs in order for it to efficiently operate. Besides, it does not support any advertising features; this implies that there is a seamless undivided attention for the game as one plays. More so, there is no apps-in purchase store for this game. Actually, the designers have fully incorporated all the components that make this game perfect for play without the need for additional features.

So far, this game has received an amazing rating of 4.5/5 from the reviewers clearly indicating that it’s a great game to play. Some of the pros that this game has displayed include great sound effects, simple to learn and understand, user friendly and fascinating and great high quality performance. Inconsistency is a notable pro that has come out from the game. Generally, this game is meant to boost the mental and reasoning ability besides giving one a fantastic and fun-filled experience. For an ardent game player, it is the best game to test on the game skills and will power.

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