Ecwid: The best tool for managing an online store.

by Dec 30, 20150 comments

Genre : Business
Platform : Android
Developer : Ecwid
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

Opening a website has become quite easy in today’s terms but managing an eCommerce store is still a hectic task. Most of the people want an app or a tool which can be easily paired with their website to provide a number of different functions and advantages to the customers as well as the owner of the store. There are a few powerful tools which are often considered by people for managing their online stores but most of them are priced expensively and also charge a transaction fee. Ecwid offers the perfect solution to all the problems with a free basic plan along with tons of features and accessories for the users. Now available on Android this app can be downloaded on any phone, phablet or tablet to manage business from the palm using a few clicks.


Ecwid is a type of “plug-in” feature which can be paired with any website. The basic plan offers the users to add up to 100 items and use all the payment gateways along with shipping companies. This provides the user with a free trail of the app before he or she chooses to upgrade the plan starting at $17 per month (silver plan) extending up to $82.5 per month.


With a number of options available people can choose to run discount schemes, embed videos, sell customized products etc. The options are arranged well and explained thoroughly by Ecwid to the users. People have the option to upload 2 variants of the product as well as attach image galleries along with embedding informational or promotional videos related to the product. People can add a number of items to their cart and the dynamic layout of the store by Ecwids provides the facility to view it in any device.

There are currently 40 payment options being offered by Ecwid including PayPal. These payment options are directly integrated into the online store. The record for sale of products is maintained automatically by Ecwid and no paid subscription is required to use this feature.

The data is protected by SSL encryption and app user has the feature to add a mandatory or optional Log In option for the users. The user can also set the shipping costs flexibly or keep a flat rate or even integrate another carrier such as FedEx directly into the website.

People can set up a notification to keep a track of the items in inventory, whenever the item quantity falls below a set number a notification will automatically be sent to the user. People can also customize emails and send them to customers for “password retrieval”, “order confirmation” etc. People can also send promotional emails via forwarding through this app. This app allows the customers to add a file with order placement for any specific requests relating to packaging, customized products etc. Ecwid also supports import and export of data through CSV files.


The only downside to Ecwid is that product pages are referenced using a file type which is not yet indexed by search engines so the individual pages for a product will not show on searching. There are a number of solutions to work around this problem but they are quite hard to implement.

Overall, Ecwid is a great tool for managing an online store and staying connected with the customers. The success and usability of this app can be measure by its 900,000 sellers in 175 countries.

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