Eforb.com – Most Effective Platform for Business

by Jun 5, 20140 comments

Platform : Web
Developer : EFORB
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Free, Gift to Business
Negatives : None


A latest application, Eforb.com has been launched to make the business world even more cohesive so that businesses communications can be hassle free. The tool is a brainchild of the young and highly creative entrepreneur Anton Ustimenko, who has always worked with the objective to come up with a robust platform for the business world in order to make business interactions even simpler and easy. The latest app, Eforb.com gives businesses the opportunity to connect seamlessly with other businesses from across the world, helps the businesses to promote their products and services to the consumers, as well as offers a platform to the businesses to hold all their business elements at one place. The tool also takes care of the entertainment needs and attracts lots of users for availing their extensive database of entertainment elements such as music, videos, pictures and much more.


  • Eforb.com Web-app offers a unified platform to the business world for better communication with other businesses, as well as for promotion to the consumers.
  • The tool can be excellent for finding out business partners and negotiating terms with them.
  • This web based application is supported by an extensive database, which makes it a powerful tool.
  • The application has a simple front end, which makes it easy for anyone to use the service as per their requirements.
  • Internet users can also reap the benefits of the tool to find out information on companies, products and services from any part of the world.
  • The tool is accessible from anywhere, anyplace, so the consumers can access the tool whenever they need or they feel like.
  • The app presents the database under different well defined tabs such as companies, products, video, audio, people and all, which makes it more convenient for the user to find out a particular service he or she might be looking for.
  • Apart from business, the application also takes care of the entertainment needs and holds an extensive database of high quality audio and video files, which can be accessed by any user even without a registration.
  • The parent company of the webapp nurtures strict privacy policies which ensure the best security of the customer data.
  • Currently the beta version of eforb is running on the web, which is expected to gain a full-fledged status soon.
  • The service is free of cost and comes with easy terms of usage.

Summary: Eforb, the unique application designed by Anton Ustimenko is a powerful tool that offers businesses, from across the world, an online platform to present themselves to other businesses as well as to the consumers. The application is completely web based which makes it accessible from anywhere at any time and it is designed with the motto to provide a unified solution, starting from business to entertainment, to the users.

Good: The application comes as a gift to the business world and to the users looking out for services or products online. The application is completely free to use, and comes with minimum terms and conditions.

Bad: No bad reports have been recorded about the app yet; rather the users are delighted to get a service of this stature for absolutely no cost.

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