Elemelons – iPhone App Review

by Apr 22, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Andrea Probst
Rating : 4
Positives : fast, easy to play, graphics, UI
Negatives :

Elemelons, a interesting puzzle game available on iPhone which can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store. The game story line is a humorous one. Its a story where a curse was cast on the human race as a punishment for their vanity and endless time spend on social networks, and the four elements on the planets was transformed into melons. The melons were named Elemons, with each in different colors and were distinguished by specifications based on the most famous social media. The guardians of the galaxy and other forces around had no power to break the spell or reverse it so the elemelons just floats around in space with no direction or power and its now dawn on you the player to guide them to their home by finding them their path.


The back story is available for you to get to know each melon characters. You can find this in the Discover section of the game, even though its pretty funny and this alone gives the game a more rounded feeling than other games in the same category and makes it stand out. Elemelons is a unique puzzle game that also provides a rich world in the game for the melon characters in the game to occupy.

Elemelons is a one mode puzzle game, a color matching puzzle with four types of color which is place by the side of the screen which melons are placed in the middle and you swipe around to match the corresponding colors.


As all game start with an easy level so those Elemelons too, you will kick start very easy buts this is for a short time as it will gets really interesting when you will have various color appearing at once and melons bouncing into each other. And its get more difficulty when you start making errors like swiping in the wrong direction, matching different colors and many more.

Elemelons is an addictive game as you will never wish to drop your iphone was you download this game, the easy interface of the game which allow for easy usage and also the cool attractive graphics always draw one back to it. Its a simple game with loads of fun in store which you will enjoy to the fullest.

Also another interesting features of the game is the Game center leader boards. This way you got to compete among your friends for the highest score and this is an extra value which motivates you to play more and more to be on top of the chart. Also, more interestingly, this is the part i love most, the game allow one to take selfie at the end of a playing session which I use a lot to taunt my friends, bet me you will enjoy this part when you download the game.

You can download the game for free in the app store, even though there are some in app purchases but its depends on the one you choose. Once you have it on your phone, Elemelons will become a part of you gradually as you play each time.

I recommend this new puzzle game for you as its comes with great graphics, sound, humorous story line , loads of fun , leaderboards and addictive.

The only Con I can say about this app is the single mode it has but even with this its still lovely. I give this app 9/10 rating.

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