Engage Apps: Special App for News Freaks !!

by Aug 1, 20150 comments

Genre : News
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : MIR Publishing LLC
Rating : 4.5
Positives : UI, content, concept, easy moving
Negatives : none

Have you ever had the sensation that you are missing something important in world news?

Possibly, you just do not have the time to look. Or, it could possibly be, there are so many stories coming at you, it brings on a feeling of being overwhelmed. Now, this is about to change with the introduction of the “Engage App” by M.I.R. Publishing LLC of Rocky Mountain, North Carolina.

M.I.R Publishing is a small development company that has been in existence for approximately 4 years, with what appears to be only the Engage App to their credit. Albeit, a small company, with the beginnings of one App, the humble opinion is they have hit with a winner of an idea, combining the opportunity to get topical news stories within 12 distinct areas of interest, and as well, Engaging with others on their comments.


Objective of the Engage App

M.I.R states their objective for the App is, not only to provide an efficient avenue to get all the latest news stories, but also to allow users to express their unabridged opinions about what is presented. It is an interesting concept, following up on the “old days” when people would get together and discuss the local, national and international news events.


Open The App

The Engage App is easily downloaded from the Apple Store and at no cost, it is a great addition to any IPhone or IPad. The concept for the App is sound, and with the opportunity to gain real time access to comments from people that may not necessarily believe in the same things as you do, creates a whole new open window to the world and its opinions.

Use The App

The Engage App opens on the “Headlines” page, which allows you to scroll through all the lead stories from around the world. At the bottom of each story one can easily see who has read the story, the number of comments and the number of likes.

Presently, there is not much use of the site, leaving one to hope that more people will download and use the App. The App is certainly worthy of a serious look and with the ability to break headlines down by category, one can efficiently program the Engage App to suite just about any taste.


The Categories

The Engage App can sorts news stories by 12 categories, including the “Headlines” category. Flipping through the Business Category, one is able to learn that Google posted a record day yesterday, gaining 16% or $65.1 billion in shareholder value. Or over to the Sports’ Category to read up on Tom Brady’s foot ball fiasco.

The Stories are well written, concise and to the point. And I just found out how they make their money.

Making Money

It is innocuous, but to submit a private comment, it will cost you $0.99. Alternatively, you can submit an open comment that does not cost anything. If one cannot stand up and be counted with their opinions, then maybe the whole issue of “their opinions” needs to be evaluated, or do not say anything that can come back to bite you.

We are all entitled to our own opinions, but no our own facts and that is where the Engage App comes in. It provides the facts, which you can separate from fiction, and provide your own opinion, or not.


The Engage App, presents the world news in 12 distinct categories. If you are in a hurry and want to get caught up, this is an App for you. The stories presented are interesting and varied, and the opportunity to share comments adds a whole updated dimension to looking at news from another perspective.

Now, you have to excuse me. I am going to catch up on the news with the Engage App.

 Worth Having App – Download the App