Enjoy Automatic Photo Sharing With OurCam

by Dec 17, 20140 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : real time picture sharing
Negatives : none

Enjoy the next level of picture based social networking with OurCam – the latest photo sharing and group chat app on the iTunes. Nothing can express or attract more than pictures, and this new app is designed to make it simple for you to chat with your friends, colleagues or family with photos. This camera application instantly shares pictures within your selected group as soon as you shoot them. So, there is no more need for you to send pictures separately to your groups and check if they have received it or not. All you need to do on OurCam is to create private groups simply by tapping on the contacts of your phone; and in the next step you can just go on shooting; what you shoot is automatically shared. So stay in continuous touch with your group and be in contact for all the time you want. You can also chat instantly with the members of the groups about what you just shared. This real time photo messaging application can surely help you to stay connected for every moment and to share everything instantaneously. Some of the unique features of the application are mentioned below.



  • The application facilitates real time photo sharing while offering you adequate privacy features. You can organize photos by private groups with the help of OurCam, and only the invited members of the group will be able to receive the pictures automatically.
  • This application can be best to make a photo collection that is available to everyone in a group. As the pictures taken are automatically shared within the group so everyone gets all the pictures at one place.
  • As soon as your friends connected through OurCam snaps a picture for you, you are immediately notified, so there is no chance of missing an update.
  • The application also gives you the pause option. You can pause sharing at any time and use the app just like any other camera app.
  • It gives you the chance to be the first to comment on the pictures taken by you by the way of providing a caption option particularly for the owner.
  • The app also supports chat starting with a shared picture, and you can also mark pictures with star for quick viewing in future. It also supports addition of pictures taken without OurCam.
  • With OurCam you can share photos across multiple Operating Systems and Social platforms, and you will never be detained due to a platform variation.
  • OurCam also offers front facing flash light that can help in taking better and clearer selfies.
  • OurCam is available in multiple languages apart from English and French. It takes only 12.4 MB on the memory chip and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.


Summary: OurCam is a real time photo sharing based social networking application with bundles of features that can help you to stay connected with your circle in a more comprehensive and effective way.

Good: The app supports real time picture sharing as well as stringent privacy options; and is available for free.

Bad: There has been no bad report for the app so far.

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