On Equation Finance Calculator

by May 28, 20200 comments

Genre : Finance
Platform : Android | iPad | iPhone
Developer : Aptlications
Rating : 4
Positives : Finance Calculator
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I’ve started using On Equation Finance Calculator app developed by Aptlications, so far it’s proving to be great and sensational app experience. I’m a huge fan of this kind of genre, and On Equation Finance Calculator falls right into that best quality category. I can see it as qualitative app that user will be returning to for a while.

Why you should choose On Equation Finance Calculator?

It is conveyed that the On Equation Finance Calculator adds simplicity to complex financial valuation equations and sensitivity analysis by removing the need for spreadsheets or old school finance calculators. Moreover all formulas are pre-programmed; you just require offering the values.

Apart from many aspects whether you’re a seasoned valuation professional, a capital investor or a student of finance, you’ll find the On Equation Finance Calculator qualitatively useful for all your financial valuation needs. It is also integrated the app with a website resource so you can get more information and examples on all the formulas on the platform.

Why it’s so special?

Primarily as well as a swathe of finance and valuation formulas at your disposal the finance and valuation formulas are rather hard on the eye, and if you’re downloading a calculator to perform them then users are probably going to be looking at this calculator a lot. By keeping this in mind, it is made through the interface as easy to look at as possible. On Equation Finance Calculator has wide range of formulas, from Accounting Rate of Return to Zero Coupon Bonds.

Important Features of On Equation Finance Calculator

  • Bond and share valuation formulas
  • Firm valuation formulas
  • Gordon Growth Models / Dividend Discount Models
  • Project valuation calculators
  • Portfolio and equity formulas
  • Relative valuation formulas
  • Time value of money formulas


This On Equation Finance Calculator app developed by Aptlications wholly satisfies all requirements for global users. It is one of the more beneficial app that have been released so far this year.