Evade Difficulties and Move Fast in Fox Tales: Rocket Run

by Jul 15, 20140 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Won-O-Soft
Rating : 4.5f
Positives : One touch game play is the best attraction
Negatives : none

Games full of pace are always liked by players and they are quite easy to understand, too. There are several endless running games that are full of pace, but their control and actions seems to be similar. This time you have a game in the play store that has something different to offer in terms of action and the way you play it. Fox Tales: Rocket Run is a completely different game and you are going to enjoy the thrill and pace of the game for sure. In the game, your only control would be your finger and you can control the movement of the fox by either using or not using it.


Fox Tales: Rocket Run, presented by Won-O-Soft is a new game which tells the tale of a fox, Kizu, which got fixed with a rocket in the back. Now it has to travel and reach as much distance as possible. There would be dangers and death traps in the way. At the same time, there will be coins to collect and power ups to get which will give it more power so that it can travel more distance. The game is simple and the control is simpler. When you press your finger on the screen the fox will move up and when you release the finger it would fall towards the ground. Adjust accordingly and travel as much as possible.



  • Fox Tales: Rocket Run is an action game where a fox is fixed to the rocket and has to travel as long as possible.
  • The game is controlled through just one finger. If you keep the finger on the screen the fox would move up and if you remove your finger, it will go down.
  • The game is quite easy to learn but it is quite difficult to master.
  • The path the fox travel through is full of difficulties. Dodge birds, deadly spinning saw, burning saw blades and more will be waiting for you in the path. You will have to evade the difficulties and move.
  • Your friends will also be playing the game. The distance they reached will be shown in the form of gravestone. Whenever you touch a gravestone you will be invulnerable for some time. You can touch at most three grave stones.
  • There are power ups to collect in the game. While some would give you power some would slow the time down so that it becomes easier for you to travel.
  • Upgradable rocket boost is available along with the weight system.
  • You can also see the online leader board to find where you stand.
  • The game is given a cartoon theme.
  • The soundtrack and music is quite good in the game.
  • Google play achievement menu is added in version 1.04.
  • The app requires 42 Mb space on your device and the android version requirement is 4.1 or later.

Summary:Fox Tales: Rocket Run is a action game that tells the story of Kizu the Fox and how it travels with a rocket through a path filled with difficulties.

Good:One touch game play is the best attraction of the app.

Bad:The app has received the highest rating and nothing bad is reported.

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