Eve_IO: Pick Your Story Cyberpunk Themed Game

by Jan 18, 20200 comments

Genre : Education
Platform : Android
Developer : JaymesBaker
Rating : 4
Positives : Story Game
Negatives :

If you’re searching for a total fun and quality way of sprucing up your everyday life of Eve – augmented teen girl living somewhat normal lives in a cyberpunk-themed city then you’ll definitely want to take this Eve_IO app developed by JaymesBaker for a look.

If you love selecting your story games then you’ll adore Eve_IO. You can enter the weird, yet fun adding your story game with a unique concept in your daily gaming that professionally blends adventure story & educational content into one. With this app of Eve_IO you can enjoy the thrill and excitement of the story games while learning.

You can live In a Cyberpunk World

Pick your path & make your story adventure is located in the fun cyberpunk everyday life of Eve. With this cool, witty & smart teen girl is ambitious to rock here social life, but also get her degrees and learn. You can also guide her and pick your own story, and see where the bite sizes arcade adventure will take you. Moreover the adventure story cyberpunk game has various endings based on your answers.

Exhibit Good Thinking, Knowledge & Learn

More importantly like any smart girl eager to learn, Eve will get in situations where she needs to solve problems and give relevant answers. This is where the original educational story game concept comes into play. You can solve problems related to economics, maths and more, while having fun getting help from other people in Eve’s surroundings.

Feature of Ad-free Original Storyline & Concept

You can professionally make your story with the fun augmented character while enjoying the exquisite vaporwave/aesthetic art style and original soundtrack. It is a truly mobile game for the gamer on the go with no additional cost, ads, micro-transactions or data collecting.

Why you should select Eve_IO?

  • They are cool augmented teen girl character
  • You can pick your story gameplay
  • Highly educational questions included
  • Presence of vaporwave/aesthetic art style and original soundtrack
  • It is 100% private & ad-free

There are more chapters to come and this particular title is chapter 1 of what hope to be a well-received saga of bite-sized arcade adventures for excitement. So download now and live the exciting super-interesting life of Eve.


If you are searching for a quality new mobile app arrival which has some uniqueness into the mix, then you should check out Eve_IO app developed by JaymesBaker. The app is wholly qualitative for me to use with the best features. I highly suggest if you are looking for exciting features, you will love what Eve_IO app has to offer.


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